How to take care of rechargeable batteries

How to take care of rechargeable batteries

With the evolution of technology, the number of rechargeable batteries in devices has increased. From smartphones to small devices like handheld vacuum cleaners all use rechargeable batteries.

However, new battery technologies also mean greater care should be taken to extend the life of the battery. Here are a few tips that can help you maintain the long-lasting life of your rechargeable batteries.

  • Do not overdo it

This is one of the most important things to take care of, that is, to avoid overcharging. Always disconnect the chargers and devices with rechargeable batteries after the battery is fully charged. When the device’s battery is plugged in, even after it is fully charged, overcharging may happen, and this may reduce the battery life.

  • Be present

Always try to recharge your batteries while you are nearby. You may never know, a battery fire can happen if a device with the defective battery is left unattended or if it overheats. You should always have a working smoke detector and a fire extinguisher near you.

  • Keep a distance from flammables

Always try to keep the device or the battery charger on a non-flammable surface, and avoid keeping it near the flammables. The flammable include pillows, blankets, sheets, paper, clothing, etc. If possible try to maintain good air circulation around the device. Also, try to keep the device away from direct sunlight.

  • Don’t be extreme

Oftentimes, rechargeable batteries are exposed to two unfavourable temperatures. For example, many people tend to keep their phones in their cars on a hot or cold day. Such extreme temperatures can shorten the life of the battery.

  • always pick the right method

It is recommended to charge the rechargeable batteries in the device it is used in. it means that you should always charge the rechargeable batteries in the charger it came with or the charger recommended by the manufacturer. Such Chargers are only designed for specific battery types. You should never mix these Chargers and batteries, as it can result in unexpected problems. If you are having any doubts, you should check the manufacturer’s website for instructions.

  • Do not mix

Many people tend to mix rechargeable and disposable batteries. You should know that disposable batteries cannot be recharged; therefore, they should never be placed in a charger. Even the manufacturers warn against mixing brands of rechargeable batteries in a charger. It is a fact that the charger is specifically made for a specific design. If it is not taken care of, it can lead to many hazards.

  • Take care of the dead batteries

Do not just throw away the dead batteries; you should store them in a non-metal container in a cool dry place until you can dispose of them properly. It is recommended to tape the terminals of used batteries with electrical tape before throwing them away because terminals that rub against each other can cause a spark. Also, keep in mind that, do not put loose batteries in a drawer where they come in contact with metal items.

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