How Waterproof Boots can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

Many athletes and employeesrequire properfootwear for their occupation. It’sjust asimportant to wear proper footwearwhen you’re working with or ridinghorses.Shoes or boots that are well-madeprotect your feet should theyare stepped on andwill stop your footfrom slidingoverthestirrup in the event that you falloff your horsewhenriding.Flip-flops, high heelssandals, clogsand sandals, as well as gardenshoeslikeCrocs,andcanvas running shoesdon’t belong inthe barn.Even rubber boots do not offerthe protection you need even though they canhelpin the event of rain or you’re cleaningstalls.When choosing any typeofequipment, even footwear, always think ‘safety first’.

What Not to Wear

The boots designed specifically for ridingcome in variousstyles.Whichever style you decide to go with you prefer, all riding boots musthave a small treadand a heelapproximatelyone inch(2.5cm)and1 1/2inch high. Thiswill stopyour boot from slipping throughthe stirrup. Bootswith heavy or thicktreads such ashiking boots or snowbootsare unsuitablefor riding, althoughtheycould be suitablefor useinside the stable.These types of boots are usuallywide, with a bigfoot that is boxy, which meanstheymight get caught upon the sides of yourstirrup. They alsooffer a lotof grip which is usefulto use when hiking, but couldmake itmore difficulttoget your foot intoas well out.

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Waterproof Boots

If you decide to go withto wear anEnglish orwestern style boot is completely upto you. Westernboots usuallyhave ahigherthe heelthan English.Some western-style boots havecrepe soles, that mightnotslipout of the stirrup easily.There are alsoankle heightboots.This is a good optionwhen you wanttotake a ride inhalf chaps.But all will providewithgood stability and protection.

A majority of the cheaperboots are made with eithertheupper or lowersor both of them, made ofvinyl.This is lesscomfortablefor your feet , and canfall apart fasterthan a pair ofleather boots, whichare able to be repaired. Theymay not be as comfortable asleather,but they areless difficult to clean up whentheyare soiled.

Packersare now very well-knownand in addition to looking fashionable,they’reideal forriding andwalking.They’re durable and offerstability for riders withoutbeing as cumbersome as someEnglish boots.

English Boot Styles

English bootscome in manydifferent styles as well. Traditional dress boots. Thosehigh black boots that wecan see inolderBritish hunting scenesare stillcommon in the dressage ringand in eventing and reallyare appropriate in nearly everyEnglish discipline.Somepeople who ride in the backyard and on trailsprefer a comfortablepair of tall boots offergreat protection and provides supportall-day use.Others feel they are toouncomfortable and hot. Field bootslook similar todress boots , but they havea lace-up over the instep.They are typically worninside the hunter show-ringandare more comfortable if youhave afoot withan elevated instep. Thelacing can make iteasier togetinand out.

Both kinds of tall bootscould or may not featurean opening in the backmaking them easiertoslipinor out. If youfind a perfectpair ofnew or usedboots, but they aretoo difficult to slip on,it ispossible tohave zippers fittedor replacedif they aredamaged.

Paddock boots or Jodphurare Englishformsof riding bootsthatreachthe ankle. They arecommonlyworn by childrenon the show ringswith leather gaiters and jodhpurs straps that fitaround the calf justbelow theknee to preventthe jodhpursfrom clumpingaroundthe leg.A lot of adults wear these and half-chapsfor daily riding.A great pair of boots will becomfortable to wear inthe barn, butyou may not want towear leather boots forthe stall, as they can be a bit messy. Jodhpur bootscomeinzipper, pull-onor lacedstyles.Some peoplepreferzippers becausethey’re quickto put on andtake off and take off, however, feet with tallarchescan feel cramped inthepull-on or zipper styles.

Running Shoe Styles

Running shoe styleboots areavailable for thosewhoprefer a casual stylethat is comfortable andtough, but doesn’t requirethe same care as leather shoes do.They were as comfyas running shoesbut withsome extra support fortheankle and on the sole.They’re actuallythe perfect thing if you’reengaged in a sport like riding and tie thatinvolvessomerunning.Many long-distance trail riderswear these.


All of these boots are madewith a range of materials rangingfrom synthetics and cotton canvasto leather.Of course, leather bootsare generallymore costly and requiregreater care. Thehigher the quality of theleatherand the more durable thedesign it is, the more comfortablethe morecostlyboots will cost. Tryto put on a pair with$500 boots, in comparison tothe $100 boots,and you’llsoon feelthedifference in comfort and support.A good pair ofboots can be a wiseinvestment,andwith good care, should outlast the cheapermodel by many, manyyears.There is no doubt about the feelingofhigh-quality boots.when new boots are outfrom your budget, consider combconsignmentshops and want-adsto find used boots you canbe able to afford.

Both Englishand western-style boots comeas synthetic products. Themain issue with theseriding boots made of rubberis that theyget hot and hold in moisture. Theycould be difficulttotake off, beinglike a suction cup toyour legs. They’regreat when theconditions are wet,orif you’re onlytaking part in a couple of smallshows and don’t wantgive up the expense ofleather boots.

Many riders carrytwo or more pairsboots,based upon the manner in whichtheyare riding. Ifyou’re going to exhibit that you’llrequiredistinct boots to wear athomeand for the competition. Of course,eachdiscipline needs a distinctpair ofboots. For instance,in case you intend to showEnglishas well as westernyou’llneedthe two typesof boots.Winter riding means you mayrequire a paircomfortable riding boots that are lined to help keep you warm.You may also findtall boots or polo shoeswith a black or browncuff at the top.These are fine aslong as they’re safeand comfortable.

Already-Owned Boots

There’s a possibility that you have something inyourcloset that worksjust fine,without thecost of purchasingshoes specifically designedfor riding.As long asthey have a heel or tread thatare appropriate and the size isn’t too hugefor the stirrups,they fit well and supportyourfoot, they’llbegood enough.Boots with a zipperalong the inside of thecalves aren’t suitable.Make sure you look at your horse’s ridingclothes with a view tosecurity, which ismore important thanhow youlook.

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