How will Android 11 features impact your mobile application?

Smartphones are something that has walked in on the recent trends. Every day, something new seems to hit the market, and consumers run towards it. If not a brand new phone then a brand new operating system. 

Android is one of the biggest competitors of apple. Not only does it come with great features but also brings in great phones. The OS was significantly impacted by the enrollment of android 10. It managed to improve the user interface greatly and then came Android 11. 

The latest new android 11 features 

The previous OS was android 9, Oreo after which came android 10 with some amazing features. This OS introduced people to dark mode for the first time. Along with some bug fixes, the platform significantly eased the users’ lives. Moreover, it helped with some additional data security and privacy along with location settings. 

Android has managed to solve every problem with their latest updates one after the other. Android 11 also came with a lot of surprises and developments. Some of the features are completely new and advanced enough to have them appreciated.

Below is a description of the features that rolled out with the android 11: 

Messaging and chat bubble

The earlier issue with any operating system is to open the messaging application altogether to reply to one message. It is annoying when you have an interesting youtube video playing and have to interrupt that just to reply to someone. 

This problem was kept in mind as the new OS introduced screen-onscreen . it brought about the chat bubble feature which acts exactly like the Facebook messenger chat. The difference is that this feature is not app-specific but can be applied under any application. This includes normal text messaging as well. 

Screen recorder

You must have seen a lot of third-party apps in the play store for screen recording. Facebook and Instagram do not allow saving videos and pictures to the device. Hence a preferable alternative is to record it or screenshot it. This is not possible if there is no screen recorder altogether. 

With Android 11, all android phones will have an in-built feature to record the screen. In third-party apps, you have watermarks blocking your way. With this inbuilt feature, you get better quality without any watermark. 

Privacy improvements 

Seeing the latest issues with the privacy breach. That includes the Pegasus among other hackers, android developers are careful this time. The idea was that an iPhone with IOS is difficult to hack. But the recent attack showed around 33 iPhones in the list. 

This was a major red alert among mobile users. Android developers are careful of this problem with the role of OS and Android 11. The security is increased with respect to data security and information breach. 

Application permission

We all have faced issues with application permission. There is the requirement of the camera, the microphone, and location permission of an application to function. This helped the apps to get cookies and provide advertisements based on them. This was eerie considering unnecessary ads keep popping up. 

This problem was solved with android 11. The latest upgrade will require the apps to ask permission every time you open. Yes, this may be a little annoying for the users but will help them maintain privacy among other things. 

Improvement in WIFI connectivity 

One of the better improvements of android 11 is the ability to get better wifi connectivity. A wireless network is the next best thing after the internet when it comes to communication. An average user waits 3 seconds for a website to download. 

Regardless of it being the website problem or the internet connectivity, they might not return back. Hence it majorly cost them business and potential leads. With better connectivity of the wifi, the users will have a better experience altogether. 

Impact on mobile applications

With the new operating system rolling out, there were plenty of users’ questions that needed to be answered. For example, considering that most of the features are altering permissions and data usage, how do they affect the existing apps? The answers are found and explained below:  

Data redundancy 

In the usual method of storing the cookies and the data of the user, there were two sets. With the new enrollment of updates, the copied data will not exist. There will be only one copy of the data which will be stored and shared through data blobs. 

APK files 

APK or android package files are a format of applications that are mostly used through mobile games. These files have to be downloaded from a search engine should you not find them in the store. 

Usually, these files will only be downloaded if you remain on the page. But with the new OS, that process is eliminated naturally. You can download these files in the background now. 

Neutral network support 

This is a godsend for the mobile developers who are either just learning or trying out their own developments. Android 11 supports neutral networks like API 1.3 that supports machine learning apps better. It makes them run even more smoothly and catch up with the trends. 


Android never ceases to surprise us when it comes to enrolling new technologies and upgrades. Android 11 has come with a lot of bug fixes and a lot of new features that are also adaptable. With the different shapes of phones coming out in the market like the folding phone, the OS should be accordingly. 

Android 11 OS works in such a way that it is also compatible with the screen settings of a foldable phone. That is why tech-savvy people are very much looking forward to bringing it into their lives. For mobile application developers, these were some of the changes that were seen with android 11 that will benefit in developing comprehensive mobile apps. Hopefully, they were helpful. 

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