How You Can Use Text Analytics In Your Business

Text analytics refers to taking raw text data and analyzing it systematically. This process can help you develop business insights that can transform your operations.

AI-Powered Text Analysis

By automating text analysis through machine learning, you can make faster, more comprehensive process improvements. The modern Internet creates a fair amount of text. Tempered Web growth has led to fewer long-form text blocks.

Nevertheless, the growth of the mobile Web is diffusing text production instead of eliminating it. The right text analytics tools(TATs) can allow your organization to be more nimble. This is the type of cutting-edge software taking the guesswork out of customer experience management.

Making Sense Out of Ambiguous Data

Thanks to TATs, it is now possible to gather insights from data that is relatively ambiguous in nature. Contemporary TATs use neural language processing (NLP) to analyze text much as the human brain does. Developers have touted the transformative benefits of AI for many years. Finally, AI is coming into its own as a powerful business tool.

Processing Data From Multiple Channels

Now that digital channels are becoming the primary method for customer communication, it is becoming more important to be able to analyze a large amount of textual data fast. These days, it is estimated that over 4.2 billion people utilize social media. Consumers are continually making posts, writing reviews, penning blogs, and emailing. TATs are particularly useful for analyzing customer survey data and similar, solicited feedback. By really getting to know your customer’s point of view, you can figure out innovative new ways to improve customer satisfaction. It’s hard to overestimate the potential of modern TATs.

Humans are fully capable of sourcing, gathering, and analyzing text data. However, this old methodology is relatively slow and inefficient. By speeding up analysis, modern TATs can make your organization far more agile. Arguably, TATs are absolutely vital for modern customer intelligence. TATs can help you identify pain points, places where the customer experience can break down. Companies like Verint offer TATs that have achieved accolades in the machine learning industry.

Identifying and Solving Brand Image Problems

Beyond business planning, an AI-powered business plan can help you pinpoint issues that could threaten your brand image. Large-scale text analysis can provide a more holistic, comprehensive insight into how your customers think. TATs are also ideal for omnichannel analysis. Your team may have a difficult time integrating findings from a wide variety of channels and sources. This is the kind of labor-intensive task made far easier through natural language processing (NLP). There isn’t much to be gained from analyzing one negative social media post.

However, NLP-powered software can quickly find negative patterns and suggest solutions. Of course, AI requires strong human oversight to reach its full potential. The human touch will always remain important.

NLP and AI have greatly changed the game when it comes to analyzing large volumes of raw text. The latest analytic tools can make you more responsive to the changing needs of your customers.


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