Importance of Writing a Good Composition

Your creativity and analytical abilities are put to test when you are writing a composition. Composition writing is just like creating any other piece of art. Still students face difficulty in doing it, even if they are working on something as easy as essay writing therefore they turn for essay writing help

Just like you create a piece of art or perform it, either way you have to work towards perfecting it. You need to practice and practice in order to polish your art. But while you write, you need to follow some basic rules that define your piece of work and separate them from others.

A good composition, first of all, serves the purpose of expressing writer’s creative ability. The more you are able to engage your readers, the better is your composition. Next, certain pieces of composition become a source of information for people.

They also try to bring about various perspectives of a single topic. Events are narrated or described to the audience who are actually not present, thus making them an active witness of the event. 

English is a universal language and a large population of the world knows it. You may be good at speaking English but when it comes to expressing yourself in writing, words fall short and form is disturbed.

Efficient writers defer in this particular aspect. Before they start writing, they set up a proper mind about what they have to write and how they have to accomplish this task. When you write a composition, it is not important that you use ornamental language.

What is important is your words being meaningful. A plan should be set in the mind of the writer wherein logic and continuity is figured out. You might have seen that students face difficulty while working upon their research paper writing. The problem is, it is a huge paper with many complexities and students face problems here. Therefore, to write a meaningful composition, you must keep the following points:

  • Avoid as much as possible the use of ornamental language.
  • Jot down the points and arrange them in a logical manner so that the composition is written in a well organized way.
  • Do not forget the importance of a good introduction and a good conclusion. A good introduction attracts the reader’s attention and intimates him about what the writer is writing. On the other hand, a good conclusion sums up the arguments or the points in the composition and has a re-iteration of the important points.

The importance of a good composition lies in the following points:

  • It grabs the reader’s attention. The very first thing that attracts reader’s attention is a captivating introduction. You can begin the introduction by a quote or by asking a question or making any such strong statements. Even if you sum your arguments in a right manner while writing the conclusion, it is bound to interest the reader. 
  • A good composition is a source of knowledge for the readers. The more accurately you use the facts in your composition, the more informative they are. Especially when you are writing a newspaper report or a police report, it should be accurate in facts and description. Otherwise the credibility of the report is affected.
  • Expresses the creativity of the writer. The use of right words and sentences reflects how innovative and creative his mind is and how effectively he can attract the readers.
  • It also expresses the critical and analytical ability. Research paper writing, reflective and psychological essays accomplish the task more successfully. How well the writer is able to analyze the facts produced before the writer reflects his analytical ability.
  • A good composition brings out before the readers different perspectives to a single topic. A writer always analyzes and puts through different points of views to a single topic. This makes it easy for the reader to evaluate his topic and come to a particular conclusion.
  • Of course for a writer as well, a good composition is important in the way that it helps him/her polish his/her mind and add to his knowledge.

A good composition adheres to the word limit required for the same. Different types of compositions have different word limits that they must adhere to. For example, essays should not be more than one thousand words.

It can be less but not more. Report should not exceed the word limit of three hundred to four hundred words. Research papers are generally longer ranging till three thousand words. Therefore, each type of composition carries with itself its own set word limit.

Also when you write a composition, don’t undermine the importance of right spelling, proper grammar and punctuation. Write a composition that is your own compilation and not plagiarized.

A good composition does not deviate from the topic it is focusing on. Sometimes writers tend to go with the flow and try to put in whatever comes to his mind. The trail of thoughts results in deviation from the topic. If you are working on research works, you may also include famous literary works of famous authors to bring out the topic more clearly. 

Use effective transitional words and phrases to establish a connection between the sentences. Also remember that you are not too expensive in writing. Avoid using long and confusing sentences in your compositions since the readers immediately lose interest. Also avoid using ambiguous and repetitive words so that the readers attention and interest is maintained.

The above mentioned points are stated well enough to make you understand the importance of good composition writing and how it should be written. Starting form essay writing help to writing a research paper these points can be helpful. Therefore, keep these points in mind and kick start your composition writing.

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