Irresistible benefits of using MXCode Mock Location App

Lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t travel around the globe.You can use a fake GPS to digitally position yourself anywhere on Earth you like – all from your smartphone.

Although we know that fake GPS location can’t be used to replace the real thing, the ability to fake it has many useful uses.You probably already have the necessary kit for this task on your smartphone.

In this article we will explain how to spoof your location by using Mock Location App on your device. MXCode FakeLoc is one of best fake location app for android and iPhone.

Widen your dating circle

Are you tired of swiping left so many times your index finger feels numb? You might want to look further if all your local matches are not the right match for you. You can change your GPS location to another server (to one that is still close to you – there’s no point in trying to find a hookup on the other side). This will open up new possibilities for love. This doesn’t work for all dating apps. There are some apps that have made security improvements.

Upgrade your Android

Are you familiar with the frustrating situation of reading about new Android software updates, perhaps on this website, only to find out that they are only available in certain areas of the globe?Annoying, huh?You can use your knowledge of the countries where the operating system update was rolled out to install the update by spoofing your location to the location.

You can lose the tracking

As we all know, companies and services can track your movements using your internet IP address.It can sometimes be very helpful, but it can also feel a little…icky.

GPS can also be used to track your location, which is something that most people don’t know about. We almost always have our phones with us wherever we go these day, so it is not surprising that this method of tracking your location is available.A GPS spoofing solution can help mask your location if you find this annoying.

Fool your Insta-followers

It’s a great way to make Gram look good.You can convince your family and friends that you went to Bondi Beach by setting up a creative garden set and changing your GPS to Sydney.You can change your location to New York City, grab that Statue Of Liberty memento from years ago, and people will be convinced you are in the Big Apple.A little harmless fun is all we need.

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