Just Out of the Box: Best Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Looking Brand-new

For many people, their smartphone is their lifetime companion. It doesn’t matter what smartphone you own, whether the latest iPhone or your grandma’s old flip phone. They will all inevitably end up with scratches on their screens or dents in their bodies that are not only unattractive but also make them harder to use.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your smartphone looking brand-new, there are plenty of things you can do. Here are some tips to increase your battery life, reduce screen scratches, and prevent costly damage:

1. Keep Your Phone Safe with a Case  

By far, the most effective way to keep your phone looking brand-new is by protecting it with an inexpensive case. Some brands provide a transparent silicone case right out of the box, but you’ll need better protection than that later on. There are hundreds of options out there that are affordable and stylish, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that fits your needs.

When buying a case for your phone, you will want to consider how heavy it is. The heavier your case is, the more pressure it will put on the motherboard of your smartphone with every movement. This can wear down the phone’s internal components or cause your battery to drain faster. The best case you can buy is one that is slim, lightweight, and durable enough for regular use.

2. Add a Stress-relieving Screen Protector

Another way to keep your smartphone looking brand-new is by adding a screen protector to prevent scratches on the device’s screen. These are usually made of thin plastic sheets that go over the screen and protect it from scratches that come from daily use. Not only will this protect your phone screen, but some screen protectors help relieve stress caused by blue light on your eyes. You can find them at your local electronics store or online for a fraction of the price of repairing the damage.

But even some screen protectors can’t protect your screen from slips and accidents. When you crack your phone’s screen from a cycling accident, for example, you’ll need to have your device sent to a phone repair shop. That way, they can check the extent of the damage to your screen and any internal damage that might result from it.

3. Keep Your Phone Clean

Keeping your smartphone clean is another way to keep it looking brand-new. A buildup of dirt, dust, and grime can cause your phone to malfunction or decrease its battery life. Luckily, you can find cleaning kits online that come with everything you need to keep your device clean of any buildup.

You’ll need to take some time every few months to do a bit of cleaning and maintenance on your phone. You should be able to spot dirt and small particles on the exterior of your smartphone using a bright LED light like the ones on most smartphones. You can also use a cotton swab and alcohol for any dirt that is harder to clean.

4. Save Battery Life

Your smartphone’s battery life will suffer if you’re not careful, but there are ways you can reduce the strain on your battery and increase its lifespan. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: As long as your phone is not connected to the internet, its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will be searching for access points. This can drain your battery very quickly.
  • Too many apps running in the background: If you leave your applications open, this will decrease your battery life because it takes up processing power. Closing all of them except the one you are using will allow your smartphone to perform better.
  • Download only the apps you need: Not only will this save you some storage space but uninstalling battery-draining apps avoids running down your battery.
  • Factory reset: In some cases, a factory reset might help improve your smartphone’s battery life, but be sure to back up any important files first.
  • Don’t overcharge your phone: The vast majority of smartphones are equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be easily damaged by overcharging, overheating, and aging. Some people avoid damaging their device’s battery life by turning off their smartphone at night and charging it during the day like they would a tablet or laptop.

5. Store Your Phone Properly

The last tip you can use to keep your phone looking brand-new is not to carry it with you all the time in your pocket. Make sure that it is in a safe place, away from the elements, so that it does not get damaged.

You can place it inside your bag as some bags have padded compartments designed especially for phones. Some shoulder bags, for example, place the phone compartment on the shoulder straps. That way, your phone fits snugly and doesn’t move around.

Keeping your phone clean is an easy way to keep it looking new. You can find screen protectors and cleaner kits for the device’s exterior. Keep a close eye on your battery, and stow your phone in your bag’s compartment. There are many other helpful tips that you can find online about caring for your smartphone.

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