Keep an eye on your loved one’s WhatsApp with TheOneSpy

When anyone’s in a relationship the element of trust is the most important thing that you need to follow to make it long-lasting. On the other hand, people start assuming hypotheses and often remain suspicious about their loves ones. Little misunderstanding between loves ones prevails plenty of other issues such as mistrust, lack of confidence in each other and many more. There are several activities happen between the lovers that make them apart.

One may love to use social media platforms and other important apps on their cellphones and the other one loves to spend time hanging out friends. Therefore, someone may have suspicions about their lover that he/she is used to spending plenty of time on social messaging apps like WhatsApp. If someone has felt that his/her partner is cheating on him then he needs to use TheOneSpy to keep an eye on your loved one’s WhatsApp.

Install TheOneSpy on loved one’s cell phone

Do you want to keep a hidden eye on your loved one’s WhatsApp? You need to install a cell phone spy app on your partner’s mobile phone. However, you have to do plenty of steps that later on empower you to secretly track WhatsApp activities of your girlfriend.

Step1: Subscribe for TheOneSpy mobile phone spy software

Go to your handset installed browser and connects it with the internet. Furthermore, get access to the official webpage of mobile surveillance software. Instantly get a subscription and check your email that you have received an email with credentials.

Step2: Get Physical access on your girlfriend cellphone

Now get your hands on the target phone and once you have got the physical access on the target device start the process of installation. End up with the process of installation successfully and activate it on the target device. Once you have done with the process of activation go to the web control panel.

Step3: Activate web control panel by using credentials

By using credentials you can get access to TheOneSpy. When you have activated the dashboard then visit the features that help you out to monitor WhatsApp activities of your loved one.

Use TheOneSpy powerful tools to keep an eye on loved one WhatsApp


Live Screen Recording

If you want to see what your boyfriends or girlfriends are doing on mobile installed WhatsApp social messaging app, then use live screen recorder software. It will enable you to perform live screen recording. So, you can perform real-time screen recording of the instant messaging app when the instant messenger is activated on your lover’s phone. Users can make a series of short videos of the screen and delivers it to the web control panel. So, you can watch all the live recorded videos and get to know what is happening on your girlfriend WhatsApp.


You can get access to the mobile phone tracking app web portal and further get access to the screenshots tool. Tap on it and it will schedule multiple commands and send on the target device. Once the command has received and the social media app is active on the mobile it starts capturing screenshots and sends it to the web control panel.

Keystrokes logging

Go to the online dashboard and further visit the powerful features and activate the keylogger tool when your girlfriend is using the social messaging app. It will start recording and capturing all the keystrokes applied on the target device likewise password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and messages keystrokes. You can get to know all the messages, conversations happen on the instant messenger.

WhatsApp logs

User can activate social media monitoring tool that empowers you to get the logs of WhatsApp activities. You can get the logs of messages, conversations, shared videos photos, audio-video call logs and many more.

WhatsApp Voice messages

When you have access the cell phone spying app online dashboard then you need to use its features and tap on social app voice messages. It will instantly provide you all the sent and received voice messages logs with a complete time stamp.


TheOneSpy is the only tool of its kind that helps out people in a relationship to prevent cheating and catch the cheater lover red-handedly. So, the user can keep an eye on loved ones WhatsApp.

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