Know The Perks of Pursuing Cisco certification

The certificate courses that Cisco Systems offers are termed cisco certification. The IT industry values professionals with the skills offered by such courses. These skills are the stepping stones to a fruitful career in the networking and hardware segment of the IT industry. You should consider CCNP Online certification in Prague for the best results.

Development of varied skillsets-

Professionals who are Cisco-certified are qualified to perform the following tasks:

  • Work towards evolving and creating enterprise architecture.
  • Establish the principles that govern enterprise networks.
  • Identify the resources needed by the concerned organization.
  • Analyze the market trends flourishing in the industry.
  • Select products and technology.
  • Manage the development of plans for the network architecture of the concerned enterprise.

Multiple career options provided by CCNA:

CCNA course, one of the Cisco certifications, is targeted towards developing the candidate’s ability to troubleshoot, configure, and manage small to medium types of networks in a real-world scenario. CCNA certification is achievable through two options available to clear the CCNA exam. One can either take separate ICND1 and ICND2 or take CCNAx, a single exam.

By developing essential skills demanded by the industry, this course acts as the gateway to multiple career options, including Cyber Ops, Security, IoT, Routing and Switching, and Data Centre.

A candidate certified in CCNA security becomes eligible to handle the security of the Cisco network. It also enables one to install, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot all minor and significant network devices. In addition, the skill for securing information flow and data in a system while protecting the secrecy and integrity of devices is developed through this course.

CCNA Routing and Switching help in gaining knowledge related to the fundamentals of networking and hence aids one to grow in the field of networking.

Career options after Cisco Certification:

  • Network Support Engineer.
  • Network Specialist.
  • Network Administrator.

The CCNA certification cost ranges from 150 to 300 USD. Though, CCNA Routing and Switching costs around 325 USD.

The details related to CCNA course are as follows:

Course CCNA
Full form CISCO Certified Network Associate
Duration Three months to 1 year
Fee Structure 150 to 350 USD
Course type Certification
Starting salary 4.5 to 8 Lacs Per Annum
Employment opportunities Network Administrator Network Engineer Network and Support Technician System Engineer Field Engineer Network Designer Network Planner Network Implementer Network Optimizer Network Support Executive etc.

Relevance of CCNP Security Certification-

Payscale hike: Professionals with CCNP security certification earn 10 per cent extra compared to their colleagues lacking that certification even if they work in the same position under the same organization.

International job opportunities: CCNP certified professionals are more likely to be sent abroad as representatives of their organization as they have better skill sets developed.

Building a better resume: CCNP security certification helps cultivate a varied number of skill sets, which also enhances one’s resume for better career opportunities.

Lucratively competent CCIE certification-

CCIEis considered the most lucrativeCisco certification.

Apart from financial advancement, the prestige associated with this course gives CCIE Certified Network Engineers the recognition of Network Experts.

The well managed certification process-

For passing every exam that is written and proctored, a candidate receives a specialist certification. However, CCNA and CCT exams are exceptions to this rule.

Within 24 hours of clearing a certifying exam, an email regarding further steps is sent to the candidate. To complete the process, the candidate concerned is required to take those steps.

The status of the certification and exam is recorded by the Cisco Certification Tracking System. A candidate is expected to update the necessary contact details to be notified regarding the status of certification.

Once officially certified, a candidate gets entitled to use the logo of the certification achieved. Before using a logo, you must read and acknowledge The Cisco Certifications Logo Agreement must be read and accepted before the commencement of authorized use of the logo.

A candidate may download the logo in their profile within the Certifications Tracking System.

Recertification for updating skills-

Cisco Certifications are not permanent and expire after a fixed period of time. They can be renewed by either taking the same exam repeatedly or by opting for a certification that is of a comparatively higher level. For reappearing in the exam, payment is also to be made again.

This process helps in updating the skill sets of the candidate and ensures the maintenance of quality work that any candidate is expected to provide upon recruitment. Also, it keeps the employees on their toes as they are aware that they need to keep themselves updated for career growth.

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