Most Common Laptop Problems And Their Solutions

If you have been using hardware for a while then you must have run into some of the other problems regarding the device. Some of these problems can be sorted out right at the moment but some are uninvited and unexpected. We do not have an on the spot solution for these problems so what to do in that case? Don’t worry because we have brought for our readers this blog of laptop repair Singapore in which we are going to discuss the ten commonly diagnosed laptop related problems and will also be giving the simplest solution to these problems.

Laptops have become an essential part of office spaces and nowadays in these pandemic times, the value of having a laptop has increased much more. When the need for a laptop increases so do the chances of you running into some of the other problems related to it. If you are a techie then you may sort out the maximum of the issues that you face right on the spot but for someone who does not possess technical knowledge, it becomes a task to come out of this problem once you run into it. In those situations, we spend most of our time looking for the relevant content on Google that could solve our problem because we definitely cannot visit a technician due to the pandemic situation. While referring to Google for any solution make sure that all the solutions that are provided on Google are not authentic and relying on them can prove to be risky for your machine so it’s always advisable to consult someone who can guide you better. This blog of laptop repair Singapore has been prepared after doing rigorous research regarding the topic and preparing a list of commonly faced issues and providing the simplest solutions to it.

  • The computer is not getting turned on: if on pressing the power button the system does not respond or nothing is happening then there can be a chance that there must have been a complete failure of the device which can result in you living without access to your important files and programs. If your laptop seems to be dead and does not respond in any manner then there could be a few causes for these problems with some simple solutions to it. One of the common issues can be e the charge of the machine but if you believe that you recently charged it then there are pretty high chances that the AC adaptor must have failed so so try testing the adaptor with a voltmeter and if you have a new adaptor then try testing it on your machine. Another reason for these problems can be the failure of the DC Jack and also there may be an issue with the motherboard of the device which could only be solved by a technician.
  • The screen is black: if you are facing a problem in which your laptop is on but the screen seems to be blank and you are unable to use your computer then such an issue could be really frustrating as the machine seems to be functional except for the screen. The first thing that you may try is to unplug the machine from its power source followed by removing its battery. The next thing you must do is pressing and holding the power button for about a minute. Now plug it back and try restarting the system. Now you need to finally replace the battery and restart the PC. In case this doesn’t help then there are chances that your system must be experiencing a memory failure for which you should check if the memory modules are connected with the slot.
  • Laptop turns on and off repeatedly: If your laptop is facing a similar issue or it is experiencing a flickering display then you try checking the memory modules or replacing them. If there is no problem with the memory modules then there are chances that the issue must be with the motherboard.
  • The laptop makes weird noise while running: If the fan of the system is making weird noises while it is running or the device is making some kind of grinding or a rattling sound then the problem can be sorted by cleaning the dust in the fan. In case the problem still persists the chances are the sound is coming from the hard drive.
  • Laptop shuts down or freezes: If the system freezes while you are working or it shuts down on its own then something like this can result in lost data and unsaved files. This problem may arise due to overheating of the bottom of the device. Cleaning the fan and removing the dust can solve this issue.

We hope the above discussion in – laptop repair Singapore comes in handy for our users if you face any of the above problems.

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