Major difficulties Elementary students faced?

Elementary school tutoring is an important phase of every child’s life. He faces many new things that he has not experienced before. He gets out of his house and is introduced to the school. In school, he has to meet new people. He makes new friends.

Less or more, every child faces some troubles when he starts his schooling. Some children are shy and introverted, and they are unable to make relationships with others. Some are unable to speak their minds. Some find it difficult to leave their homes and come to school.

We have looked into some common and major difficulties children suffer in their elementary years.

Homesick children:

For children, their parents and siblings are their whole world. Anything apart from them is stranger to them. When they start their schooling, they have to leave their home for 4-5 hours every day which is not easy for them.

Children are super habitual to live in their home and enjoy. So, this new routine of going to school is hard for them to digest. It takes some time and a lot of teacher effort that makes them love coming to school.

Difficulties in adjustments:

Since school is a new world to these children, they find it hard to adjust to the school environment. Children do not like being stick to the chair for so long. But in school, they are expected to sit and listen to the teacher.

Some children find difficulty in focusing. They could not focus on the lesson being taught in the class. Instead, they keep looking here and there and try to talk.

Building Relationships:

Children are often shy and poor at communicating. They do not like other people easily. They also take time to build trust with others. In school, they are taught to make relationships with others. The teacher must introduce them to each other and give them a group project to do. It will also help to emphasize the importance of teamwork in them.


Children who have just started school or are about to start school are dependent on their parents and other family members. But as they start their schooling, they are expected to behave independently and like a grown-up child.

Some children face issues as they do not share anything with their parents. It causes them to get frustrated, and they eventually start disliking the school.

Parents should ask the children about their school. They should keep an eye on what is happening. And if there is something wrong, what can they do to make it right.

Difficulties with the courses:

As they start their academics, children are introduced to basic subjects like math, reading, and writing. Since every child has a different mental ability to learn, understand and memorize things. So, each one of them learns at his own pace. Some quickly grasp the concepts, while others find it difficult to make simple calculations.


Children are sensitive, and they expect others to understand them. If we treat them with empathy and love, we will solve a lot of their problems.

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