4 Easy Ways to Make Money From Your WordPress Website

When you are making your own website or blog on WordPress, it is obvious that the main purpose is to make money out of that WordPress blog. In this article, I will discuss 4 different and easy ways to make money from your WordPress site. If you adopt any of this method, you can also make easily online money from your WordPress site or blog.

But, before I discuss the 5 easy ways, you must know how to increase traffic to your website. If you are not able to drive traffic to your WordPress site, then you will not be able to make money from your website.

Lets start the 5 easy methods to make money from your website:

Use Affiliate Marketing on Your WordPress Site

Affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest way to make money out of your WordPress site as you don’t need to invest much. In affiliate marketing, you just play a role of a sales person who gets the commission for every sale made from his/her platform.

If you create a website on a specific niche, you can sell different products and can get your commission for every sale.

And easy product that you can sell online is the hosting account. When you are a WordPress expert, then it implies that you have a good knowledge of domains and hosting providers. You just need to write useful articles about different hosting providers.

Inform your readers about the different aspects of any hosting provider company. You can discuss the up-time, hosting speed, hosting space, any limitations, price, addon and any extra features in your informative articles.

Anyone who is willing to buy a new hosting account, he or she will search for the best hosting providers. If you are able to drive targeted traffic to your website through these hosting provider reviews, more likely your referrals will purchase one of the hosting account in coming few days or a couple of weeks.

Almost all the hosting providers provide you an option to create a free affiliate account on their website and get your affiliate links. Just use those links on your hosting review articles and encourage the readers to buy this hosting with a discount price. You will not offer the discount on your behalf, most hosting companies offer discounts on sales made through the affiliate links for the first purchase.

HostingFacts is one example that you can follow, or you can learn from them how to make a website that can be used to make money through affiliate marketing.

Write Mobile Reviews And Monetize Your Content

According to Statista, 3.5 billion people are using a Smartphone today which means more than 44% of the world population owns a Smartphone. When there are that many Smartphone users, then why not write reviews for the Smartphones which is an easy way to drive traffic to your website.

I am sure about this because almost every person who is using the internet, also owns a Smartphone and that user is your target. When you are working on mobile, you can write a lot of content for that niche. You can write mobile reviews, you can provide tips and tricks for a specific mobile brand and model.

You can also write about telecom companies and provide solutions to different problems for mobile users. For example, if someone is using a Zong network and he forgets the SIM number and doesn’t have a balance to check that number, you can provide a solution for that. You can guide your readers about how to check Zong sim number if you forget it.

You can also write about different updates of OS versions. Like you can write about the changes in the Android or iOS features and you can provide different hacks to your users. These tips and tricks will bring a lot of traffic to your website

Sell Guest Posts On Your WordPress Blog

If you have made a very good blog that have a lot of content for the readers and you are also driving good targeted traffic to your website, but you are not able to monetize it, don’t worry about it.

You can still have many other ways to make money from your WordPress website. You just need to get good quality backlinks from high DA websites. These websites should also have good domain ranking that is measured by AHREFs. If you have good organic traffic and you also have good DA and DR of your website, then you can easily sell the guest posts on your website.

Before you read further you should also check how to create mobile friendly website?

For this, you can either ask for a unique article from the buyer, or you can charge them for the link back and for article writing service for the guest post. Selling guest posts is a very easy and simple method to make money from the WordPress website.

Add Banner Adverts to Your Website

You can also sell the banner space for adverts on your website. Many companies and brands look for space on websites that have readers who might be interested in their products or services.

When you have a good blog, you can offer the companies who have relevant products or services of your blog, a space to show their banners. The price for this space will vary as per the CPC changes on the website. Top banner ads, ads on the top of your content have the highest rates.

Banner space in between the content also provides your high price from good companies. If you sell banner space from the footer of the website or from the sidebar widgets, then the price will be a bit lower as compared to the prices for ad space in content.

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