Mercedes GLB Rated and Review 2020

The New Mercedes GLB is a stylish, small compact SUV, having enough of space. The GLB comes with posh cabin and a great choice of engine. You will see many SUVs, they are small one, big one, fast one and some of hybrids and fully electric but GLB with some amazing features surprising us such a great variety with a premium badge. When we say cheap rivals looking at similarly price Audi Q5 and BMW X3, but these SUVs comes with only 5 seats.

The new GLB comes with the 4 engines in which two of them are diesels and other two in petrol. All of the engine comes with automatic gearbox. Mercedes’s car reliability, driving and safety rating features are very good, but keeping in mind that there are also other cheaper and excellent alternatives also like Peugeot 5008.

Mercedes GLB Features:

The New Mercedes GLB class brings a style of its own. Like the GLA, the new GLB coming with 4 engine and powered by turbo-charged 2.0 litre four-cylinder engine and available in either front or all-wheel drive guise. The Mercedes GLB benefits with infotainment system, offering a digital instrument cluster integrated with the latest MBUX infotainment system.

The GLB engine comes with 221 horsepower paired with eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Running from 0-to-60MPH in just 6.0 seconds giving a mind-blowing touch to the driving.


Mercedes-Benz a representative and an automotive brand that’s synonymous with style. there to end, the GLB delivers in boot loads. It mightn’t break any new design ground neither is it going to be the centrepiece of Milan Fashion Week, but it’s sufficiently edgy to appeal to a replacement audience. the surface of the car speaks for itself.

Sporty and chunky altogether the right ways, whilst still maintaining how of subtlety. There’s no “look at me” about it which can be a specialized thing. But if the surface doesn’t delight then it’s sensible to concentrate on the within where an owner will spend a majority of their time looking around, and where this car really kicks some goals.

From the fashionable dual-screen dash to the steel accented door handles and air vents, the two-tone leather to the ambient lighting that might pass itself off as a slow-motion disco. Everything inside the GLB 250 could also be a satisfying sight that you’re unlikely to tire of. It feels fresh and light-weight inside the cabin, even in the dark.


In the front, the GLB is actually the same as Merc’s other ‘compact’ cars. Base Sport spec catches identical 7-inch screens, but AMG Line automobiles upgrade to dual 10-inch widescreens mounted side-by-side behind one piece of glass – one directly before the drive giving speed, revs, nav and so-on. An impressive-looking system, with no conservative binnacle.

The extremely configurable driver’s screen is meticulous by a touchpad on the wheel, which annoyingly doesn’t always register your swipes and prods first time around. no substance – you’ll set it on one occasion and leave it. The middle screen’s MBUX UI takes some learning, however is comprehensively very easy to understand, fresh illustrations. you’ll either contact the screen itself (our favored technique), utilize a second touchpad on the opposite side of the wheel, a PC style trackpad on the middle or the foremost intelligent “Hey Mercedes” voice assistant. Under the screen could also be a trio of air vents with a shiny black plastic surround, then a row of climate controls.

Looks extraordinary – appropriately amazing – yet doesn’t feel too costly to the touch. the very best of the dashboard is sweet and solid, but lower down, around the glovebox, as an example, the plastics get slightly cheap and scratchy. The backs of the front seats are made from what looks like the same material – looks slightly odd, but is wise given all it’s to undertake to is withstand your kids’ kicks. The second row of seats are often slid forwards by 90mm or backwards by 50mm from their standard position, and thus the backrests are often adjusted through eight stages. With it slid all the way forwards the second row is essentially only suitable for teenagers, but with it slid all the way back even adults over 6ft got to be pretty happy. The third row is clearly just for kids, however.

There are even ISOFIX points does one need to want to remain really young children back there (not that we’d recommend doing so). Stowing, erecting and accessing the two rearmost seats is simple enough – it’s entirely possible to undertake to thereto one-handed. There’s an extraordinary compartment inside the boot floor to store the bundle rack when it’s not being used. The second and third rows both have USB-C ports, so confirm your devices are compatible or you’ve got a few of adapters at the ready. And there’s tons of sunshine from the massive windows and low belt-line.

Boot Capacity:

Opening the tailgate reveals a reasonably square cargo deck with no lip at the doorway, making it easy to load and unload bulky objects. With five seats in use, there’s 500 liters of space up to the tonneau cover, which is enough for a few of buggies or large suitcases, but not the maximum amount as an Audi Q5, BMW X3, or Land Rover Discovery Sport offer.

If you’ve got all seven seats live, there’s space for a row of shopping bags, but that’s about it. However, something that the GLB has that the invention Sport misses out on may be a dedicated slot for the parcel shelf under the boot floor. That comes in handy once you suddenly have cause to deploy the third row of seats.

Driving and Handling:

The gutsier diesel features a more responsive eight-speed auto ‘box and is altogether better suited to the GLB. We prefer the 187bhp 220d over the 148bhp 200d (both are 2.0-liters) because its muscularity could also be an ideal fit for the GLB’s bus-like accommodation.

It can get from 0-62mph in 7.6sec, which is kind of slightly quicker than a Land Rover Discovery Sport D200 can and is on a par with the BMW X3 20d. It pulls emphatically somewhere in the range of 1500rpm and 4000rpm and should tow a procession along absent a lot of trouble, as well.

This is one of the GLB’s weakest areas. Most versions jostle you around over uneven road surfaces and have a bent to truly thump over potholes, whereas the rival Discovery Sport is extremely comfortable, aside from slightly floating over undulations.

Still, the GLB has enough composure that it is not alarming to drive spiritedly, and thus the steering, while slow, is accurate and weights up with enough conviction to inspire confidence.

All of the engines are hushed when you’re cruising along the motorway, but the 200 petrol is coarse once you’re employed it hard, which you often need to do. The diesel isn’t as screechy at high fires up, however they’re doing thunder away much of the time; not in a bothering way, but rather more so than a Q5 40 TDI.

The AMG 35 is deliberately noisier, although it’s not particularly entertaining to consider, partially because the variety of what you hear on the within is augmented via the speakers and sounds fake.

There’s quite a bit of suspension noise within the GLB, and its door mirrors whip up wind noise at high speeds. Road noise on coarse surfaces is additionally fairly pronounced so, overall, if you would like slightly of peace and quiet, you’ll enjoy a Q5, X3, or Discovery Sport rather more

The most powerful engine is that the 302bhp 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol within the AMG 35. which can hit 0-62mph in just 5.2sec, aided by its standard-fit launch system and four-wheel drive.


The Pricing for Mercedes GLB AMG Line 5dr 7G-Tronic is £36,905 and for the GLB 200 AMG Line Premium starts from £39,905, and the Premium plus comes with the price of £42,905.

Variants and Specs:

Mercedes-Benz offers the 2020 GLB in ten-trim levels: GLB 200 AMG Line 5dr 7G-Tronic, GLB 200 AMG Line 5dr 8G-Tronic, GLB 200 AMG Line Premium 5dr 7G-Tronic, GLB 200d AMG Line Premium 5dr 8G-Tronic, GLB 200d AMG Line Premium 5dr 8G-Tronic, GLB 200d 4Matic AMG Line Premium 5dr 8G-Tronic, GLB 200 AMG Line Premium Plus 5dr 7G-Tronic and more.

The GLB 200 AMG Line 5dr 7G-Tronic doesn’t carry much more to the table other than the 19-compound wheels, a back armrest, security glass and more forceful styling coming with 5 door and petrol engine. The GLB 200 AMG Line with 8G-Tronic also comes with the same spec but with diesel engine and having 49.9 MPG. The Premium 5dr 7-G Tronic with petrol with 39.2 MPG having 19-alloy wheels

Running Cost:

If you are doing want to stay things traditionally premium – also you would possibly – the Mercedes does a minimum of making itself easy to choose. Our GLB 220d test vehicle is conjecture to oppose devaluation better than correspondingly ground-breaking rivals from Audi and BMW. (Unfortunately, data for the invention Sport was unavailable, although Land Rover’s models do tend to fare well in this respect.) A touring economy of 55.4mpg is additionally commendable for a vehicle of this weight and streamlined properties and, joined with the 60-liter tank, makes for an extreme scope of very 725 miles.


Safety Features:

As you would possibly expect, the GLB 250 features a full five-star ANCAP safety rating, and even pedestrians are taken care of with an ‘active bonnet’. The safest place to be though is inside the GLB with nine airbags throughout the cabin including full side curtain airbags from the front to the rear on each side. Like most Mercedes, it also has pre-tensioning seatbelts to scale back the probabilities of ‘submarining’ and to extend the effectiveness of the restraint systems. That’s additionally to the myriad of ordinary driver assistance and safety tech we’ve come to expect from the German brand.

What’s New for 2021

In 2021, Everything. The GLB-Class could likewise be a substitution model for the Mercedes-AMG line-up and maybe a fancier, better form of the Mercedes-Benz GLB-Class. the only variant the GLB35, which is powered by a 302-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Since the GLB-Class isn’t marked down, don’t”>we don’t have a clue what choice bundles may be offered and don’t have valuing data . We do think the GLB-Class merits expecting, however, as Mercedes-AMG’s present little SUV—the GLA45—is more modest, obsolete, and costly.

Thoughts of GoodAutoDeals:

Sensible money buys a Skoda Kodiaq. It’s what we’d do – and you’ll get a bloody good one for the £34,200 you’d buy an entry-level GLB. But in fact, the three-pointed star is worth substantially quite its weight in gold. The GLB doesn’t depend entirely on its identification it’s been carefully conceived, with a genuinely adaptable, imploringly nerd inside and great street habits. We love it quite we thought we might, given another car on this platform haven’t exactly impressed us.

The GLB is certainly worth brooding about if you’re watching a Disco Sport, providing the quality suspension (which we haven’t sampled) doesn’t totally knacker the ride quality. Keep your eyes open for the dual test.

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