Mercedes Sprinter Tuning: The Best Tunes for Your Biggest Ride

Your Mercedes Sprinter is not just a vehicle. It’s also your home away from home. That’s why you want to make it as comfortable and luxurious as possible. One way to do this is by adding some tunes! Mercedes Sprinters are the go-to vans for bands on tour, concert halls, theaters, night clubs, or any other group with a need for transportation.

This means they need the best sound system possible. But how can you get professional-sounding audio with so many different configurations? Don’t fret! This blog will teach you everything you need to know about Mercedes Sprinter tuning and how to get the most out of your big ride!

How to find the best sound system for your Sprinter

As any regular van owner knows, the type of sound system you buy is directly related to the number of people in the vehicle. If you’ve got a house band, you’ll want to keep it simple, and upgrade the basic 12-speaker system you can get. As for touring bands, or larger performance groups, you’ll want to go all out. Instead of small units that can be hidden out of sight, you’ll want to add enough speakers to fill your space and the cabin above it. However, there’s a catch to this. While the truck itself can house up to 12 speakers, only seven or eight can actually fit in the cabin. This is because the chassis only has enough room for seven or eight units per side. If you want to mount more in there, you’ll need to remove some parts.

What type of Speakers do you need?

Whether you’re tuning a two-cylinder diesel Sprinter or a V-8 engine Mercedes Sprinter specialists, you’ll need to understand what kind of speakers you’re going to need. There are three different kinds of speakers that you’ll want to consider, depending on your use of the vehicle: The Exterior Speakers These are the speakers that face out into the crowd. They’re great for shows because they sound great when you’re turned away from the audience. For festivals or fairs, you want them to be pointed at the crowd to bring them the most bass. Some vans come with this kind of system; some do not. You can get these speakers from most third party retailers. You can also use them in any conversion you decide to make, as they just require minor adjustments to the wiring and installation.

What type of Amplifier is best?

One of the most common questions we receive about tuning is what type of amplifier is best for your Sprinter. It doesn’t really matter which amplifier you choose. In fact, your Sprinter amplifier can be connected to any sound system you’d like to use. What’s important is that it sounds good. One thing to consider is the center location of your Sprinter’s roofline. Honda Activa: Hi-Fi Systems Let’s start with the Honda Activa. It’s a very popular scooter on the streets of Asia, and for good reason. With multiple audio options to choose from, it’s a very stylish vehicle. On the top-of-the-line model, the Honda Activa Elite, the sound system includes a 30 watt single-board power amplifier with 4 speakers.

What about a Subwoofer?

The next question you may ask is “What about a subwoofer?” Well, it may be an option, but it’s not necessary. Not every van is suited to having a subwoofer installed. Keep in mind that the Sprinter is a diesel-powered van that means it doesn’t have the same kind of interior space that a Sprinter CD model has. Plus, the van does not come with a DVD player, which also hinders the space for a subwoofer. It does, however, come with a radio system. And if you don’t want a subwoofer, you could even use the speakers built into the steering wheel. Consider that music, not movies, is more likely to get your passengers moving. And music certainly isn’t as heavy on the bass as movies would be.

How do I get power from my Sprinter to my Sound System?

It’s simple really, all you need to do is install your favorite aftermarket sound system into your Sprinter van. Every vehicle manufacturer has its own “front panel” that works just like a dashboard or center console. This is where you plug in your car stereo system. Some brands use their own front panel, while others make the most out of the “van” feature. The front panels in Mercedes Sprinter vans are fully modular, meaning they can be removed and installed in a variety of configurations. Not only are these panels removable, but you can install the panels to adjust the Sprinter in a variety of different ways. Think of it like the Audi TT, but on a smaller scale.

Wireless Audio Systems in your Mercedes Sprinter

First, let’s discuss the most popular systems in the Sprinter. These are: DAC/AM/FM/CD and Bluetooth systems 3.5- and 7-inch TV screens with HDMI port for the rear seats Hi-Fi CD player iPod and CD players with two USB ports Bluetooth wireless audio How to Use a High-Resolution Sound System First, it’s important to understand what it means to be high-res. “High” means that the signal will be higher in resolution than normal. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your standard stereo system will have to work a little harder. It means that you can have more detailed, clearer sounds without sacrificing clarity or clarity, and all the while playing with the subtle nuances that can make you sound as good as the biggest artists!


The Sprinter is perfect for hauling equipment. Of course you want it to be comfortable and spacious. However, if you are the band, you don’t want to be cramped for space. So we suggest adding a sound system to maximize the space you have, while keeping a professional look to your truck. It’s a win-win!

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