MilesWeb Review: Run A Speedy Website with Best Dedicated Servers

Every hosting solution is designed to meet the needs of various websites. Similarly, you select your hosting based on the needs of your website, whether shared hosting, VPS hosting, or a dedicated server.

Especially, large websites and eCommerce stores require more work. They grow over time and look for hosting that can help them manage the traffic hike. If you continue to host such websites on inefficient hosting, the performance of your websites will suffer.

When your website begins to expand, it requires a dynamic hosting solution. The hosting should have the capability to handle the daily traffic while still providing the fastest speed possible.

Best Dedicated servers are high-capacity servers. They can withstand a lot of weight. Besides that, they give users complete control over the hosting. There is no room for security issues or resource sharing. You have complete ownership of everything.

You can set your resource limit with dedicated hosting. There will be zero restrictions on its use. In fact, the MilesWeb web hosting company sells a low-cost, high-performance dedicated server.

MilesWeb is a well-known hosting company. Their dedicated server hosting is suitable and includes a plethora of features. MilesWeb web hosting services will be of great assistance if you are hoping for better growth and success.

MilesWeb also offers the best and cheap Reseller hosting plans from MilesWeb at an affordable cost. They are well-known for their faithfulness and security.

MilesWeb’s web hosting prices, in particular, are lower when compared to other companies. They are reasonably priced, which allows them to be in high demand. Even if you worry about what if they are not high-quality providers? Remove that question.

They have been providing high-quality hosting solutions for a long time and will continue to do so. Many businesses and bloggers have gained access to web hosting services because of their low-cost plans.

What Exactly is Dedicated Hosting?

A dedicated server is a more powerful type of hosting. You have full control over the physical server, which is not a virtual server like a VPS.

You enjoy working in a fully committed environment, not just virtually. A dedicated server provides you with the entire account dedicated to your website. Even if you receive a lot of traffic on a daily basis, it can manage the load. You are not required to borrow or lend resources from other websites.

Dedicated hosting is comparable to owning a home. You will only have a few rooms, but you will own the entire house. Similarly, dedicated hosting gives you total power over all resources such as CPU and RAM. You are free to use them as you see suitable, and no one will interfere with your privacy.

Dedicated Servers from MilesWeb

With MilesWeb dedicated servers, your website can run smoothly. They have plans that are both managed and unmanaged. However, on their website, they only offer unmanaged dedicated hosting services. You can reach out to them directly via chat or email if you require managed services.

Users that find hosting difficult to manage opt for managed hosting services. In that instance, the web host looks after the server. Similarly, an unmanaged dedicated plan is an option if you are tech-savvy.

MilesWeb also offers customised dedicated hosting solutions. For this, you must contact the sales staff, who will assist you with the pricing.

Unmanaged dedicated server options from MilesWeb start at Rs. 6,999/m and go up to Rs. 46,999/m. There are a variety of plans available under this hosting, so you can assess your website’s requirements and choose one.

Any plan you choose comes with several valuable benefits and features. Dedicated hosting is one powerful web hosting. It offers users a wide range of benefits.


High-level security

There are no security issues because you live in a completely private area. It protects your website from cyber-attacks and phishing scams.

Service Level Agreement

MilesWeb will provide you with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. This is the maximum level of uptime that any web hosting business can provide. That implies your website will be up and running without any problems.


Dedicated servers will significantly increase the performance of your website. You will have access to a high-speed, well-functioning website. Because there are no other users in the area, they have no effect on the performance.

SSL Certificate for Free

A free SSL certificate protects all vital information on the website. Instead of HTTP, your URL will now be HTTPS. This also implies that your website is secure and genuine.

You Can Host an Unlimited Number of Websites.

With all of its dedicated plans, the host provides unlimited hosting. You are free to migrate all of your websites to the dedicated server and even resell resources.


If you truly want to expand, dedicated servers will be extremely beneficial. They provide the best in terms of speed and performance. The user has complete control over the server and resources. Furthermore, because you are in a secure and isolated area, you do not need to be concerned about any security threats.

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