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Monkey Holding Box: Is there any Flaw in Google SEO (Reviews and Facts)

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Recently, Google showed an image of a young black boy holding a box when a “monkey holding box” was searched. This result from Google was unexpected and became the center of attraction for everyone on social media. YouTubers made YouTube on the Subject “Monkey Holding Box.” Today we will take a deep breath and try to know the truth behind this scenario if it was an error or not. Why did Google show a pic of a boy instead of a monkey?

What is a Monkey Holding Box?

This must show a picture of a monkey holding a box in its hand or doing some cute animal tricks. But this was not the only outcome of the search for a “monkey holding box.” Go to your search engines, type “Monkey Holding Box,” and you will not see only animal pictures. You will see some pictures of monkeys, kids, men, etc.

What is the Error of the Monkey Holding Box?

So, it must show pictures of monkeys holding a box only. So, it is an error or drawback of Google search. As it shows the men and kids picture in place of an animal. As a human, you feel for it when you are compared with an animal. This may create diversion and mistrust in the google search algorithm. But it is not the only side, we must see the other side of the picture. Continue to read in the below section.

Is it an error?

No, I do not think it is an error. Monkey Holding a Box should not return a picture of a human, but it does. The reason behind this was Google Search Algorithm. Google provides the search in less than a second and shows you thousands of results. Nobody knows the search algorithm of Google SEO, but it has some key points.

First, it will search for the whole keyword, and arrange the results with the best content. Second, it will create parts of searched keywords and search the part separately, and then arrange it with the best content. So, it is only an algorithm; it knows nothing about humans or animals. It is only data for Google SEO. And it is not an error because we posted images and videos of such captions that made Google represent it on the first page.

Who is the Real Person Behind the Error?

It is not an actual error. It is a simple search of data on the Internet. It will show all the data related to the searched keyword. But if we talk about the Responsible for such searching errors, then it is our fault. It is not Google SEO’s fault to show such a result. We posted videos and images with similar captions. We know the difference between humans and animals, but Google only sees it as data. So, the real person behind this error/gap is Us, who posts content on the Internet.

How does this problem start?

I explained the Google Search method above. But this is not the start of the problem. The actual problem started with us, who post different content such as images and videos on social media and the Internet. Some guy posted a video with the caption “young boy holding box.” When the query “Monkey Holding Box” was passed to the Google search algorithm, it showed all the content related to Monkey Holding Box. Then break the keyword into various parts and search for “Holding Box” which makes it fetches the video of the young boy. This happens because Caption and Google want to show multiple options to find the perfect content.

Why did Google show a boy picture instead of a Monkey Holding Box?

Google showed a picture of a boy instead of a Monkey, but it was not targeted or pre-settled. Google SEO does not work with humans, but with search algorithms. And Search Algorithm similarly sees all data. There is no categorization of humans, animals, or objects. It is just data. Google SEO will show the data until its caption or description matches the keyword. Someone posted a video of a young boy with a caption holding a box, and when you search for Monkey Holding Box, it shows all the possible outcomes to enhance. There is no error, Google showed it because of our content uploading. Google will always rank the content with its quality.

Does Google support Racism?

No, Google does not support Racism. Google does not know the meaning of racism. Everything on the Internet is in the same category. There is no gender or color discrimination. A lot of people think that Google supports racism, so it showed pictures of a black boy instead of a Monkey. But it is not true, google will never understand black or white. Even google cannot understand what is living and non-living. So, we should level up our mentality and think about it from a broader point of view. Google showed a picture of a black boy because some man posted it with the caption Holding a box.

Has Google corrected them or not?

It is not an error, so there is no correction required for such searching. This is the plus point of google, it shows every outcome of the search keyword by dividing it into parts.

Do you get the same output in Bing or Yahoo?

Yes, Bing and Yahoo show similar output. It is not the same and efficient as Google SEO, but Bing and Yahoo have similar search algorithms which make it search the same. There are possibilities of different outcomes from Google, but Bing and Yahoo similarly show the result.


Recently, Google showed a picture of a young black boy holding a box instead of a Monkey holding a box. Everyone thought that Google did it on purpose and Google is racist. But it is not true, Google does not know the difference between living and non-living or humans and animals. The only thing Google knows is to extract multiple results for the searched keywords. It broke down the keyword and showed multiple results. So, google showed this picture because of its caption, “Young Boy Holding Box.”

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