Multi-Level Marketing: Success Plan and Structure

Multi-level selling, also known as multi-level business, is a very popular and successful business model in many countries around the world. But in India this is not yet a popular business model because the actual income failures of this job are still unknown.

To have an authentic view of the multi-level business model in India, let’s analyze the criteria, aspects and opportunities of this business and get the best answer for should participate in multi-level selling or not.

What is MLM?

Multi-level marketing is a form of network marketing, in which sellers will earn from 2 sources that are direct sales and income from the system.

The HR system in multi-level sales is divided into many levels, in which those who are in a higher position (participating first) will have the benefit of being entitled to a system commission when the downline has generated sales.

How is multi-level selling different from traditional selling? 

  • Not building an agent system or a store, but only building a personal distributor system.
  • Products of multi-level companies are exclusive.
  • Commissions for the distributor will depend on the current distributor’s rank. Normally, NPP works for a long time and has high sales, which means higher commissions for each product.
  • In addition to making money from direct selling, NPP can simultaneously build a vending system. In the future, every product sold from this system will bring income to the upline distributors. For example, if P3 sells goods, the distributors P3 –>P2–>P1 –>P0 will receive commissions. In order to keep all the data of the sales, distributors, and members, Low cost MLM software are very useful. Therefore, when building a large-scale sales system, NPP will have a very sustainable source of passive income.  

Multilevel sales good or bad?

Most Indian people often have a negative view of this network business model. Partly because many companies take advantage of loopholes to cheat and have many negative consequences.

In recent years, there has been a number of scam multilevel companies with the number of people being scammed hundreds of thousands. The reason is also largely due to the greed of individuals who want “high wages”. Not having to give up but still have a high income. As a result, most will lose money injustice, lose relationships with family, friends, relatives…

If it is true that multi-level businesses are all scams, will this grave be successful in the developed world? In fact, there are also many successful individuals after a few years participating in multi-level business in India with incomes from several hundred to over 1 million INR per month. Of course to have such success will take a lot of effort and effort over a long period of time.

Therefore, for those who are able to adapt and integrate into this business form, this is an extremely attractive earning opportunity. On the contrary, this is not a leisurely job for those who hope to make money easily.

How does multi-level business work?

First, multi-level business is a form of selling, in which the company will create exclusive products under its own brand name. And multi-level sellers will do the job of bringing products to market or find sellers who can do this job.

For each successfully sold product, NPP will receive a direct commission. In the long run, if it can build upline distributors below P1, P2, P3, each product P1, P2, P3… successfully sells NPP, get the corresponding commission, about 3-7% on average (product value).

No matter how you make money, people involved in this network business model need a bit of a business mindset, the ability to absorb and communicate good information. Income is entirely based on the capacity and effort of each individual. You just need to hire the best web development company in India to develop the best MLM software for your business.

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