6 new technologies to check out in 2020

The presence of technology in everyday life is much stronger than you might think. So here we are back with 6 Smart Technologies you can’t resist to.

Have you ever wondered how many electronics you use during the day? From simpler routines, such as scheduling a task by smartphone, to using more complex management systems within a company, have you considered how many solutions help make your day easier, whether in the personal context or the workplace?

When we stop to reflect, the presence of technology gadgets in everyday life is much greater than we think.

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To facilitate modern life, more and more technologies for the home are emerging. A sophistication that offers everything from comfort and convenience to more safety for the family.

Here we go with our 6 cool new technologies:

We have prepared a list of 6 new technologies that, in a short time, can be part of everyday life in our homes. After all, who has never dreamed of living like the characters in the futuristic cartoon? For this future is already coming.

Resource Control

new technologies to check out
new technologies to check out

Saving and smart use of resources like water and light is already a reality in some homes. One of the technologies available in the market monitors in real-time and makes monthly water and light projections of each environment or equipment. Yes, with smart devices produced by companies like Kohler and Ring you can manage this expense and know where to reduce usage just by using a screen or voice command.

Refrigerator Connected

new technologies to check out
new technologies to check out

Unsurprisingly, refrigerators with door screens and internet access are already coming home. Some, however, help even at the time of tightening. Who never went to the market and forgot to check whether or not to pick certain items in the fridge. Now, on some models, it is possible to “ask” the appliance via cell phone whether or not it has any items. With a built-in camera, these new devices can check what’s inside them and even send a photo to your phone. Furthermore, you should use a fridge that has a fridge magnetic monthly planner. This is the best option to remain active for the whole month.

Most Economical Bath & Smart Bathroom

new technologies of 2020
new technologies of 2020

Today it is also possible to specifically control one of the villains of water and light consumption in a home: the bath. A device that specifically monitors the amount of water used in each bath alerts you when you have consumed a certain limit. Kohler is constantly releasing products to smart up every household. Recently they released K-99572-VLAN-NA H Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa and this smart mirror is doing pretty well in the market.

Smart Mattress Cover

Use technology to have a peaceful sleep and wake up. This is what a smart mattress cover proposes. The product features a variety of sensors capable of monitoring heart rate, breathing and sleep patterns. With this, it can be programmed to identify the best time for your awakening by sounding a soft alarm. It even regulates the temperature of each bed occupant, providing a warmer or cooler night.

Digital Lock

Identification and access to your home can be done by fingerprinting the registered people. Locks with a biometrics system are starting to become popular. Forget the keys, never again. These new locks also have a wi-fi connection, allowing you to release someone’s entry from a distance via your smartphone and control by a report who and when you entered the home.

The House According to Your Mood

Now imagine that the whole house is already connected by a variety of wireless technologies. To control them all, there are devices called Hub. And some models allow you to program the entire house to suit your mood. With just one control, all environments adapt, including lighting, ambient sound, the channel on which the TV will tune in or even whether it should be turned on or off.

Perhaps flying cars and the long-awaited teleportation is still far away in the future. However, living in a fully technological home, surrounded by convenience and safety, is already a very close reality.


We have listed some of the most fascinating technology gadgets of 2020 to help you keep updated.

I hope you people took some good from these smart technologies and please let us know where we missed or what was your experience with this small piece of information.

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