Nothing Bundt Cakes Providing Bakery Owners With Tasty Treats To Delight Customers

Nothing bundt cake calories, a legendary baking chain, uses the Nextiva Business Communications Suite to amaze consumers with outstanding customer service. In order to make delectable cakes for family and friends using real, high-quality ingredients, friends Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz merged their kitchens in 1997.

nothing bundt cake calories  understood that by working together, they could transform their friendliness, sage advice, and roots in the home kitchen into delectable delicacies to commemorate significant events in the lives of the individuals they loved the most.

A Cherished, Well-Known Dessert Brand

The nothing bundt cake calories collaboration has grown into a cherished, well-known dessert brand more than 20 years later. With its corporate office in Addison, Texas, Nothing Bundt Cakes has expanded to include more than 270 franchise locations across the country. Each one is carefully managed to uphold the company’s initial commitment to friendliness, hospitality, and, of course, delectable cakes for any occasion.

The Nextiva Support Staff.

Due of their hectic schedules, our nothing bundt cake calories  bakery owners do not have the time to devote to mastering intricate systems. They rely on tech help to configure their devices properly. As a result, a key selling feature was the interface and the Nextiva Support staff.

Never Compromise Your Highest Priorities.

Effective communication is a top objective for nothing bundt cake calories as a franchise that is focused on open, honest collaboration and works to maintain the company’s neighborly roots.

Vinny Torregrossa, the organization’s IT manager, started looking for a new telecom company in December 2017. While the franchise sites used regular phone lines at the time, Nothing Bundt Cakes’ corporate office had VoIP service.

The Business Required Stronger Levels Of Assistance

Torregrossa claimed that he was aware that the nothing bundt cake calories business required stronger levels of assistance and quality from its suppliers, as well as improved integration with the locations.

Consistency In User Experience And Customizable Features

When we opened a new nothing bundt cake calories bakery site, I was seeking for a vendor who could deploy the fundamental system consistently and help franchisees who wanted to add bespoke features. Torregrossa added that he was certain he wanted to work with a VoIP-based provider. Traditional telephone lines cannot compare to the capabilities you receive with VoIP, according to Torregrossa.

Deploy The Fundamental System Consistently

From their Channel Partner, TRCA, an Intelisys subagent who introduced them to a Nextiva sales representative, Nothing Bundt Cakes learnt about Nextiva. “The Nextiva sales representative was able to show us the back-end settings after conducting a demo. It appeared user-friendly, which was crucial, according to nothing bundt cake calories

Major Selling Points

Because of their busy schedules, our nothing bundt cake calories bakery entrepreneurs lack the time to devote to mastering intricate systems. They rely on tech help to configure their devices properly. The Nextiva Support team and the interface were therefore major selling points. Prior to switching, Torregrossa carefully examined the system to ascertain how it would function in practice and how they could scale it to both the headquarters and franchise locations effectively.

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Following the investigation, Nothing Bundt Cakes made the choice to choose Nextiva as their primary phone provider. That choice was largely influence by the price because it was difficult to match. For me, having a device that is being maintain make sense because it would have taken a while to break even without it.


The devices are adaptable, and we use power-over-ethernet for all of our current phones at the corporate office, which has been great. They were simple to plug in and use, and it was a wise choice.

The Official Transition To Nextiva Service

At their corporate office and nearly 40 of their nothing bundt cake calories bakeries, the official transition to Nextiva service started in February 2018. All recently open locations are now equip with Nextiva service. The changeover to Nextiva went smoothly in the corporate office. Everyone was really happy with the switch from our previous VoIP system to the new one, according to Torregrossa. The call quality has improved a hundredfold. Torregrossa claimed that the implementation process was straightforward.

The 50 Users Of The Office

The 50 users of the office were up and running after submitting Nextiva their list of users, who Nextiva then uploaded to the virtual NextOS Portal. The franchise locations’ implementation likewise went off without a hitch. Franchise staff members were shown how to use the system’s fundamental functions by Torregrossa, who also observe their satisfaction with the NextOS Portal’s newly discover convenience.

A System That Works For You

When necessary, such as throughout the hectic holiday season, they could now readily modify their schedules. We don’t want a guest to be left waiting for a response while nobody is in the bakery, thus scheduling is one of the most important elements, according to Torregrossa.

The Nextiva gadget rental program is another element of their experience with which they are quite happy, according to the business.

According to Torregrossa, “the nothing bundt cakes coupon really influenced that decision, because it was hard to beat.” Since it would have required several years to break even without maintenance, I didn’t have to think twice about getting a gadget.  The devices are adaptable, and we use power-over-ethernet for all of our existing phones at the corporate office, which has been wonderful. They were simple to plug in and use, therefore I made the right choice.

Features Made With Your Interest In Mind

According to Torregrossa, communication between Nextiva’s corporate office and franchise bakeries has been alter altogether by its technology. Contacting coworkers and visitors has been a lot easier.

Notified If You Are Not At Your Desk

Torregrossa stated that having the option to ring your cell phone is practical and useful to stay available. “There is Voicemail to Email, so you are notified if you are not at your desk,” she said.

“Call quality is a significant characteristic in bakeries. The kind of efficiency and experience we want is to be able to confirm order accuracy and hear what the customer wants without having them repeat information.

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