Oktoberfest Dirndl Attire Guide for Ladies this Year

Are you looking for a dirndl dress this Oktoberfest that will catch the eye of that special guy or gal? You will want a dirndl dress that will make your friends say, “Hey, you look like a million bucks!” You will want to stick out from the crowd while still keeping to the traditional dirndl models out there. Just because it is an Oktoberfest dirndl theme doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish. You have millions of options to pair with dirndl and flaunt a classy or formal look. 

With Oktoberfest right around the corner, you may be wondering what your German Dirndl attire options are. Unfortunately, if you and your girlfriends want to dress like true Bavarian beauties, you need to read this article before hitting any shop!

Bavarian Dirndl Dress for Oktoberfest 

A dirndl is similar to a traditional Bavarian dress (which is often referred to as “Lederhosen”). Dirndls are known for their ‘waterfall’ front, ruffled lace sleeves, and skirt that flares out from the waist. Dirndls can be of all different colors and patterns. Some even have the traditional embroidered floral patterns that resemble those seen in the Bavarian regions. Let us have a look at every part of the German Dirndl Dress in detail. 

  • Dirndl Skirt Length is all Your Choice, Ladies!

The common belief that dirndls are only for tourists stems from the fact that many people think dirndls are only long dresses. However, when you look at dirndl and lederhosen culture as a whole, you will find that there are also shorter versions of dirndl dresses that locals wear. 

One example of a short dirndl is the knee-length dirndl, which is one of the most popular types of dresses worn by locals. A knee-length dirndl reveals your calves, but it can never be too short because it is still considered an appropriate length for this piece of clothing.

Although we do recommend you pay attention to the length of your dirndl, it is not essential. If you get cold easily or like dressing up for Oktoberfest, make sure it is a little longer than knee-length. Here are the three sizes of dirndl skirts to choose from:

  • Maxi Dirndl

Maxi Dirndl is the classic choice for Bavarian fashion. It not only looks good, but it also lets you breathe better and is the most comfortable style for all body types.  At least 80 cm long, a full-length Dirndl is known as Maxi-Dirndl. Manufacturers have been very happy with it, but bear in mind that the design changes with time.

Cotton and linen fabrics in natural hues are still popular, but lighter-colored fabrics are also in vogue. You can’t go wrong with wearing a full-length dirndl to a costume party or other traditional festival.

  • Midi Dirndl

A midi-dirndl is also called a mid-length dirndl. The exact length depends on your height and dress size. A midi-dirndl is approximately 60 – 75cm in length. It covers the knees of shorter women and can barely go below the knee for taller women.

This year, Dirndl Online Store offers midi dirndls in stunning designs and colors. These dirndls are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s Oktoberfest or a formal event, weddings, or a cheeky terrace party. 

  • Mini Dirndl

A Mini-Dirndl is the shortest version of the traditional Bavarian Dirndl dress. It measures 50 to 60 cm in length and is especially popular among younger women. Mini-dirndls are fun and unique. At a traditional event like Oktoberfest, they might get you a frown or two because they aren’t traditional dirndl wear. But they are extremely popular at private couple’s Oktoberfest parties at home.

A Dirndl skirt’s length depends on the wearer’s height. Women who are short in stature can wear a Mini-Dirndl as a Midi-Dirndl, but tall women should stick to Midi-Dirndls.

  • Consider Wearing a Perfect Dirndl Blouse 

Traditionally, white blouses have been worn with dirndls at Oktoberfest. Today, however, the options are endless when it comes to choosing a dirndl blouse. You can wear anything you like! That said, here are a few tips on how to pick the perfect match for your German dirndl dress. If your dirndl is colorful, we recommend going with plain or neutral blouses.

In contrast, if you choose a blouse with a bit of flash, then pair it with a Bavarian dirndl dress that’s more subdued to blend in perfectly at Oktoberfest. As we all know, your décolleté is what attracts attention in a dirndl blouse. 

If you’re not into cut-outs, higher dirndls are also a good choice. This season’s blouses are characterized by delicate lace and a simple cut. A more reserved neckline is also hot at the moment.

  • Classy Shoes to Team Up with Dirndl

It’s all in the shoes! Dirndls are traditionally paired with simple shoes with a Cuban heel. Choose a pair of classic court shoes if you like to wear high heels and aren’t afraid of balancing on benches while dancing.

Team a dirndl with a pair of wild leather and buckles or straps. Ballerina pumps and loafers are not much recommende due to their flat soles. 

If you are longing to get a perfect blouse or want to try different fabric dirndl this season then you ladies must visit Dirndl Online Store. They have perfect quality of all Oktoberfest accessories. 

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