How Much an On-demand Delivery App Development Cost?

On-demand is a rapidly growing industry trend with customers having to book a cab or order their favorite meal in a matter of minutes using the appropriate app.

On-demand delivery services are on the rise due to their versatility and customer demand. They were seen at their peak during the pandemic time for food delivery and cab services. The US ride service company, Uber, is a good example. Developing on-demand apps is a demanding industry where businesses try to provide their mobile services through easy-to-use apps.

Compared to the traditional ways of leaving the house for food or buying a product, on-demand apps bring them right onto the doorstep.

How does the on-demand delivery app work?

The function of the app can be called an aggregator of products and services. An on-demand app development company designs them to allow customers to choose their preferred cab types, restaurants, movies, or any other similar services and have them delivered for a fixed payment by the supplier. They function as pay-per-use or subscription-based models.

What business types require an on-demand delivery app?

– Courier services

This enables customers to deliver goods and services from one location to another with the help of delivery apps. The intended on-demand app must be fast and affordable. The on-demand app development company creates two distinct apps for both service providers and customers.

– Food delivery services

The development of on-demand delivery apps has vastly affected the food industry and it is becoming more popular than ever. People opt for ready-made food at the end of the day after reaching home. Apps like UberEats and Zomato have revolutionized food delivery services.

 – Transportation and logistics services

Uber alternatives have a huge prospect in the ever-changing transportation business. As a result, building effective transportation strategies has become critical. Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft have created a name for themselves by delivering convenience at a low cost.

– Healthcare and fitness services

Making appointments with a medical doctor or a healthcare specialist has never have been easier if not for these apps. Similarly, a fitness trainer can be consulted to get tailored meal plans and fitness routines.

– Goods shifting services

On-demand delivery apps can also be used by goods shifting firms. It has the potential to be the finest delivery monitoring tool available to customers. A business such as Lugg may also simply control its fleet management systems, to provide effective business and efficient work fulfillment.

– Grocery delivery services

People have got accustomed to getting their everyday provisions to their doorstep without visiting the grocery stores. They can easily avoid the long billing queues and reduce the time taken to pick up the grocery items.

Supermarkets and large-scale groceries can make use of delivery apps to grow and expand their business.

– Flowers and gift delivery services

Gift delivery firms and florists may leverage on-demand delivery applications to meet the needs of their customers. Customers can browse and pay for flower bouquets online without having to meet the florists in person.

This is one of the competitive categories if anyone is interested in developing an on-demand delivery app. It is profitable as well. Also read

Key features of an on-demand delivery app

The on-demand app development process needs to include standard features in the app to make it more robust and easier to use. Three components including the consumer app, the delivery app, and the admin app should seamlessly operate together. Following are the key features the app development company should integrate into the app.

– User registration/sign in

– Search function

– Placing orders

– Real-time tracking

Top Payment gateways

– Order history

– Review and rating

Other certain features should be integrated into the admin app and delivery person app. The app can be even made more feature-rich by adding real-time chat features and incorporating social networks.

Benefits of developing on-demand   delivery apps

– Cost-effective

Since it uses advanced technology and requires less human capital, developing an on-demand delivery app might save a lot of money in terms of operating costs. The app can also be used as a marketing tool that will compensate for the money dumped on marketing.

– Streamlined procedure

An on-demand delivery app tends to help everyone. Customers benefit from being able to place orders at convenient times. In addition, a contractor can deliver the items entirely over the phone, drastically speeding up the procedure.

 – Immense opportunities

Delivery apps can open up new opportunities and revenue lines for any firm. In certain aspects, the on-demand delivery app remains cost-effective and offers a good return on investment in the long run.

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand delivery app?

The overall cost of developing an on-demand delivery app depends on the design and integrated features. Moreover, the software platform and the developer’s hourly rate affect the cost as well.

– Design

The UI/UX design improves the overall look and feel of the app. This can attract a larger user base and potential customers. Developers typically take around 400 hours to focus on the design aspect and charge around $16,000.

– Features

The number of features and their complexity impact the pricing of on-demand delivery apps. The more complicated an app is, the more expense and time it takes to build it. The development of all standard features consumes nearly 1500 hours and comes to around $70,000. This contains apps for both Android and iOS platforms, Android and iOS courier apps, and a web-based admin interface.

As far as all the aspects are concerned, an approximate total cost can be evaluated to develop an app on a platform. Developing either an iOS or an Android app may cost around $160,000. If the business wants to target both platforms, it may cost around $195,000.


Many industries witness the importance of an on-demand delivery app as they grow their business. A freelancer or on-demand app development company can easily be hired for the purpose depending on the required quality and the underlying budget.

The tailored features and the functionality greatly impact the app development cost.

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