Our Excavator Buckets Are Built For Australian Conditions

Ultimate Buckets Australia are based in Sydney Australia, we sell excavator buckets and attachments direct to the public and deliver them anywhere in Australia.

Our Excavator Buckets are forged in fire and built for the harsh Australian conditions.  UBA’s range of Excavator Buckets are designed to improve the on-site productivity, efficiency and safety.

Check out our large range of, Rock Buckets, Mud Buckets, GP Buckets, Sieve Buckets, Tilt Buckets Manual Rock Grabs, Hydraulic Rock Grabs and Rippers.

What is an Excavator?

Excavators are a type of digging machine used in the construction industry. They have been around for over 100 years and have revolutionized the way we build roads, railways, and other infrastructure. Today’s excavators are very different from those used in the past. In 1838, Dutch inventor Jacob van der Heiden invented a cable-operated device which was used to dig canals and ditches. Today, excavators are operated by a driver who sits inside a cabin with a computer screen that shows what they need to do next.

Why Buy Excavator Buckets From Us?

Buckets can be sourced from a variety of retailers and tradespeople across Australia – but we’re the only company that builds its buckets with all-Australian steel. Not only does this help our country’s economy, but it also means that our customers don’t have to worry about how the weather will affect the longevity of their investment.

Our Bucket Range

Our bucket range is matched to Australian Excavator Standards. They are stronger, yet lighter than most other buckets on the market. We are confident that our product will last for years to come even with the toughest of jobs.

Tilt Buckets 

Our tilt buckets are designed to cover the full capacity of the excavator arm. This will enable you to operate in tight workplaces with poor ground quality without any slippage. The bucket is also designed with a high dumping angle, which allows the operator to push into or pull out of soft surfaces without compromising their stability.

GP Buckets

GP buckets are specially designed to work in the tough Australian landscape. They feature a wide bucket opening to allow for the digging of large holes. The bucket is also flexible, durable, and tough, making it perfect for challenging site conditions. Finally, GP buckets are lightweight to make transporting them easy.

Rock Buckets

The rock bucket is specially designed to have a flat bottom so it can be used in functions where there are stairs, kerbs, or low piles of gravel. The bucket also has a reinforced cutting edge for when the bucket hits hard rocks. The mesh width is thicker than other buckets so that they can survive more ground contact and rocks.

Sieve Buckets

We have a large range of excavator buckets suited to various soil types and ground conditions. Our sieve bucket is a great option for digging through a variety of gravel, rocks, and soils. It is a more expensive option than the standard bucket, but the increased productivity it gives you will more than make up for this cost.

Hydraulic Rock Grabs

Hydraulic rock grabs have been a popular option for excavator operators looking for a tool to handle difficult terrain. They are great for rough and rocky conditions, as they can be used to pick up large chunks of material. These tools do not require a specific radius on uneven ground, making them perfect for many Australian projects.
Hydraulic rock grabs are a fantastic piece of equipment for excavation work. They enable the operator to pick up and move large pieces of rocks without any lifting or heavy lifting. The grab can carry up to 3 tonnes of material and it has a 360 degree rotating action that makes the job easier.

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