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Overwhelmed with the idea of customization? You can now build your brand without counting on others. The perks that come with personalization help in creating a distinctive look.

Custom boxing gloves are not only expected to be designed by a professional. You can now be your artist and create a powerful look. Being unique in your way can be rewarding and with custom tools it’s achievable.

Custom boxing gears are highly competent. It doesn’t have to be your branding tool only. You can win big in the boxing ring as well. The use of custom boxing equipment has sky-rocketed. 

And now you know why. Ready to create your magic? Let’s get going.

Custom boxing gloves: Personalization is an art to be learned

Designing your boxing gear can be as intimidating as playing your first match. You can be a bit stressed and confused about your choices. However, with a range of alternatives available, you can now enjoy your time doing so.

Custom boxing equipment is super efficient. By adding in all the right elements you can easily make the situation favorable for you. Custom tools can ease the grappling.

You can design it by yourself by following the steps listed below.

  1. Scaling and sizing

Decorating your custom boxing gear can be fun. However, when it comes to actually combining you might feel stagnant. The first and foremost step is to get actual measurements.

Your boxing gloves need to be fitted perfectly. You can not afford to expose yourself to all the potential injuries. Boxing is a demanding sport. It requires great expertise in hand and leg movements. 

You have to remain conscious about your sizing. It can be done by matching your palm size with measurements listed on size charts. If not, you go to a physical store to know accurate measurements.

  1. Material selection

Custom boxing equipment comes in a range of materials. You can pick material that lasts longer. For boxing gloves and headgear, you can opt for PU and cowhide leather. 

It can help you resist tough situations while allowing you to absorb potential blows. For custom boxing shorts it’s ideal to pick satin or polyester fabric. It gives you the elasticity and comfort that is required for maneuvering.

With the right material, you can sustain longer in the ring. Materials like satin help you stay hydrated and charged. You can sweat less as custom gloves come in fingerless and open-palm designs.

  1. Decorative elements

The beautification of custom boxing gears has made this process more engaging. You can choose to add brand logos, colors, and styles to create a personalized kit.

You can also pick a color contrast that brings your boxing kit to life. Moreover, you can pick golden or silver colors to add royalty to your look. 

  1. Closure type

Choosing the right closure type is essential. You can get injured during the contest. A firm closure will give you the perfect grip to tackle tough situations. The two most renowned closure types are velcro straps and lace. 

You can pick whatever you’re most comfortable with. However, for boxing, it’s favorable to opt for a velcro strap. Your gloves are less likely to be loose or come off in the middle.

  1. Extra features

Features like extra padding and types of padding are exceptional. You can now ensure more security with padding density. Also, there are types of padding to keep cool amidst heated contests.

You can opt for gel, latex, or foam padding in custom gloves. You can take advantage of these features to further enhance the functionality.

  1. Building brand

Building a brand was never easier than today. You can now look for valuable tools to make it happen. Your color choices and branding make things happen.

The choices in custom tools have made branding more fun. You can now look for the quirkiest patterns to make your appearance more engaging.


Can you print on boxing gloves?

Made with PU and cowhide leather, you can print anything you want on boxing gloves. Custom boxing gloves are the best way to brand yourself.

Does boxing glove color matter?

There has been quite a research about which colored gloves perform better. Blue-colored boxing gloves are known for their better performance than others.

What should boxers avoid?

For an athletic body, there are certain food items you must avoid:

  • Red meat
  • Processed food
  • Whole fat dairy items
  • Animal fats

You can search for a balanced diet that professional boxers swear by.

 Enjoy the liberty to design your own boxing gloves

Bringing your creation to life can be the best feeling. With custom boxing gloves you can easily attain it. Also, you can complete the look with custom boxing outfits. 

At Fight Gear Custom, you can now make your boxing environment breathable. The choices in custom boxing equipment will enable you to outperform your opponents. 

Make your battles more engaging with high-quality tools and personalized outfits.

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