Top PHP Frameworks for Web Development

PHP is easily the most extensively used programming language for web development with close to 80% of all the websites in the world being built using it. It has so many wonderful frameworks that developers always have the flexibility to avoid writing thousands of lines of code yet manage the ever-changing complexity of the web development world.

By using a framework, it’s possible to have a systematic and reusable code to complete any project effortlessly. Plus, a PHP framework speeds up the web development process by providing a basic structure and also adds responsiveness to websites resulting in improved performance.

The good thing, PHP frameworks are available in different types and developers can pick them accordingly for value. You can compare their features and ensure value to your web development on any type.       

Here are some of most popular PHP frameworks for web development –

1. Laravel

When we talk of popular PHP frameworks, Laravel always takes the pole position for its great features. It has so many excellent functionalities that ensure rapid development in every situation. Apart from having an expressive, elegant syntax, it comes with a robust templating engine to simplify the web development process and can also delivers more speed in handling complicated web applications. More so, it comes with a fast hosting and distribution platform due to a vast ecosystem.      

2. Symfony

Symfony is considered quite a reliable PHP framework for web applications as it exists for close to one and half decade. It also adheres to virtually all PHP standards and in fact, is the only framework that complies with all the standards of the web. Since it’s an MVC framework, it’s considered the most appropriate framework for large-scale enterprise assignments. What’s more, its components are extensively used by some of top CMS platforms like Drupal etc.    

3. Zend Framework

Zend is also among the most popular PHP frameworks as its extensive use is largely attributed to its being an object-oriented, MVC-based framework. It’s an expandable framework as it uses features such as interfaces and inheritance and loads only those functions and components desired as individual libraries. Zend is also a highly customizable framework which is built on agile functionality and can deliver quality applications to enterprises. More so, it follows all the PHP practices and its object-oriented nature allows developers to reuse a lot of code previously written.

4. CodeIgniter

If you search for a powerful yet simple PHP framework for web development, CodeIgniter is the answer. You can install it without any issues and have it work on most shared hosting platforms. Compared to other frameworks, it runs faster with database functions and it’s known for speed and lightness. Plus, Codelgniter proves a great asset in building fully-features web applications as it comes with several pre-built modules and a toolkit. It is a well-documented framework that uses the MVC (model-view-controller) approach so can always add value to your web projects.    

5. CakePHP

CakePHP continues to be a popular PHP framework as it has evolved, over the years and still commands great usages for being an independent and rapid development framework. Each new version of this framework comes with new functionalities and it has a strong developer community which is a top reason behind its everlasting demand in the market. CakePHP provides high-end security with top features which make it an ideal choice for business application projects. Using this framework always suggests that your app is well-tested on all parameters. 

6. FuelPHP

If you’re in search of a PHP framework that supports both MVC and HMVC architecture, go with FuelPHP and enjoy the power of a flexible platform. It gets updated regularly and one of major reasons behind its popularity is that it lets apps display more than one page at any time. It’s also a framework that consumes less time and memory and facilitates in creation of web apps with varied complexities and functionalities. And it’s a framework whose primary focus is on security concerns and it has features to effectively deal with safety measures.   

7. Yii 2

Yii2 is a PHP framework that has component-based architecture and caching support which makes it ideal for developing apps such as CMS, portals, forums, e-commerce projects and more. And being a component-based PHP framework, it’s known for delivering high performance with web applications. More so, it’s a standard PHP framework for web development and is best fit for developing all types of web applications. It’s also faster than other frameworks and can easily be integrated with AJAX and JQuery features, making it for for large-scale web development. And don’t forget, it supports object-oriented programming and rapid prototyping.

Clearly, you have plenty of frameworks to get amazing results with PHP web development services on any scale and it’s just a matter of hiring the right partner to shape your ideas into reality.

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