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Picnics are always a hit among kids. They love going out, playing in the garden, enjoying with their friends, and eating right there. It’s an excellent option to plan a birthday party for your kid and invite all of their friends. They could play games and have the best time. Also, you could set up games and activities to keep them entertained. If you’re planning at a private garden or another scenic spot, you could even host the kid’s parents and enjoy with them. It would be a win-win for everyone. Start the planning now and begin that picnic birthday party for your kid.

A major aspect of any party is the food. You need to plan the catering services or other food items for the party to make it a success. After all the games and fun, the kids would be hungry and ready to eat. You should keep their favourite food items at the party in addition to the birthday cake. It’s crucial to contact and try out the different catering services and food suppliers before the party day. Let’s look over what you should do if you’re planning a picnic birthday party for the food:

Opt for food trucks

It’s better to opt for food trucks instead of fine dining catering for a kid’s party. They would be more excited to eat that food instead of a formal lunch. You could get pizzas, burgers, wings, etc., for the food trucks and serve them after the cake cutting. If it’s a public park, you could set up tables and give orders for the food items. Ensure that you assess your food needs according to the total number of people. You should also compare different services for their budget and food quality. Test out the food before selecting them for the birthday party.

Get barbecue catering

Everyone loves barbecue, and there’s no better option for a picnic party. You should find a reputed barbecue catering service and hire them for the birthday party. It would also be a hit among the kid’s parents, and they could enjoy themselves too. So, you find out about different services and compare their menus. Ensure that you communicate about the budget and test their menu before hiring. You could select items or even create a custom menu for the party. Contact a barbecue catering service now to begin the task.

Get ice cream and sweets trucks.

Any kids’ party won’t be complete unless the kids get their favourite ice creams and sweets. You could opt for a smaller cake and instead get an ice cream truck for the kids. They could get a sweet treat after their meal and have the best time. Also, every parent would love to have sweets or ice cream after the party. You should know about the costs and compare the different services before hiring them. It would be better to check their client reviews online for event catering. If it’s a private garden, you could set up playhouses in addition to the trucks. It would indeed be the best party for your kid, and they would enjoy it thoroughly.

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