Popular Business Analytics Certifications to Add to Your Resume

It is lucrative to pursue a career in business analytics. According to AmbitionBox, Business Analyst salaries in India range from Rs. 2.7 Lakhs to Rs. 15.9 Lakhs. The average annual salary is  Rs. 7.0 Lakhs. These salary estimates are based on 4,56,000 salaries submitted by business analysts on their website.

Business analytics certifications can help you get a job as a business analyst, and also help you advance your career, get promotions and pay hikes if you are already in a relevant role. With these certifications on your resume, you can stand out in the job market and have an edge over other applicants.

While the exact title of the business analytics certifications can be worded  a bit differently by different vendors, by and large most of the certifications are to do with data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data mining, data visualization, business intelligence, data analysis, sales analytics, management information systems and so on.  The certifications can be  graded and may be termed as entry level or beginner level; intermediate level; advanced level. So, the exact wording of the business analytics certifications depends on the vendor you choose, and the variation does not matter, as long as it is a reputed vendor.  Remember, that apart from mere certification, it is also the skill and capabilities that you would earn that matters in the job market.

Here is a generic list of the business analytics certifications you can pursue.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Data science

In a course in data science, you will learn about the art of processing data, uncovering hidden insights and trends present in large volumes (also known as big data). It can  be structured or unstructured data. The end goal is to make predictions for the future of the business. The insights are helpful for optimizing growth and success of the business.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Artificial Intelligence

Certifications in artificial intelligence are about passing on human intelligence to computers, in order to make computers process tasks that normally would need humans. For example, making a software instantly grade essays of thousands of candidates in a hiring test in a few minutes. The same thing done by humans would need a great deal of time and human resources.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Machine Learning

Machine learning certifications teach you how to further  develop artificial intelligence automatically, once you have built the prototype and basic format. You will learn how to train machines with or without supervision, so that the machine gets more and more intelligent on its own, as it receives more and more data when people start using it.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Data Mining

Data mining is the specific part of data science that deals with mostly structured data in order to extract trends and patterns from large data sets. Think of it as mining for minerals from below the ground and then extracting elements from the ore.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Data Visualization

Courses in data visualization help you learn how to visually represent data using charts, graphs, maps, and also infographics.  They help you organize large volumes of scattered data into interesting stories to be shared with the stakeholders, to help them understand the trends and patterns, and subsequently take the necessary decisions.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Business Intelligence

Business intelligence certifications are aimed at giving you the ability to use data science, data mining, data analysis, data visualization and various analytics paraphernalia to help stakeholders make data-driven decisions. For example, business intelligence can help you decide which TV commercial  has got you more traction, in which region, at what time, etc., so that you can make decisions about your future TV commercial strategy.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Data Analysis

Data analysis is part of data science that deals with using statistical and logical techniques for cleansing, modeling and analysing large sets of data, in order to uncover the various patterns and trends.

Entry Level or Advanced Level Certification in Sales Analytics

Specific courses in sales analytics will train you in using data science to help analyse sales trends. That is to say, it is about business analytics specific to the sales department in an organization, and the end goal is to help sales managers optimize performance of their team and increase sales.

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