Popular Mobile App Development Trends To Consider

The benefits of mobile application development are growing fast. Various industries are using mobile apps to further their reach and target more audiences. With the growing need for these apps, developers introduced new trends that provide business value to different companies. These trends are equipped with state-of-the-art features that can generate extravagant results for its users. Are you interested to know what these features could be? Read this article to the full to know everything!

Popular Mobile App Development Trends:

With the mango tech, businesses are finding ways to improve their service provisions. As a result, the need for more robust ways of connecting with customers is increasing. Mobile apps are proving to be helpful in this regard. However, before you got IT Professional Services for mobile app development, you need to know the following trends.

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Google AMP-supported web apps and searches load much faster on mobile devices. The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project was launched four years ago by Google. With this, Google also ensured a separate search index for the mobile web. The AMP has revolutionized the mobile app trends from SEO and web app perspectives. 

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AMP comes with various benefits. It offers improved ad visibility and brings in more visitors. Companies should hire the best mobile app development companies in Dubai to enjoy the app benefits to the fullest. 

2. Cloud-driven mobile apps:

Cloud technology is significantly impacting our collective lives. Whether it’s a customer or a professional IT company, cloud computing is finding a place in the room. Its collective benefits for various software and web applications have extended its reach to mobile applications. Mobile applications are now designed to fetch data from the cloud, hence taking minimum space on a smartphone. 

Cloud applications drive 90% of total mobile data traffic, according to a research report by Cisco. With improved audio streaming, video streaming, and online gaming, cloud-driven mobile apps generate excellent results. 

3. AR and VR-driven apps:

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) terms will be nothing new for you if you are aware of modern technology. AR and VR have revolutionized the gaming and entertainment industry since 2017. The AR mobile app development is running to its peak.

It is anticipated that both the terms will evolve further by the end of 2021. It is good practice to opt for AR and VR-driven mobile app trends since they are the new normal. With various advantages, AR and VR mobile apps can prove beneficial for any business.

4. More focus on app security:

Cyber-attacks are at their peak, and IT professionals should watch out for them. Hackers will continue to hit security gaps in mobile applications. The trend should change now since enough confidential data has been stolen in the last few years. Modern-day mobile apps focus on security terms, and attackers will get no way to get in. 

JavaScript frameworks are most notably famous for developing more secure and safe mobile applications in the current era. As per Gartner’s prediction, 75% of mobile apps do not even pass the basic security test. Do you want to have such an app? Certainly not!

5. The Magic of IoT:

We have discussed the cloud-based mobile application. When further explored, the cloud-based app development will lead us into another area of interest, known as the Internet of things (IoT). Since mobile devices mostly control IoT devices, it can revolutionize the mobile app development domain. 

IT professionals should consider developing mobile applications around the IoT since it’s the new normal. It is expected that spending on IoT will surpass $22 Billion in 2022. With such phenomenal growth, you should not lag. Consider hiring the best mobile app development company and stay updated. 

6. Chatbots:

You would always want an interactive conversational unit in your mobile application. Well, chatbots can help your cause. Chatbots are digital tools that can simulate human conversations with a business or brand. Chatbots are one of the top mobile application improvement patterns in 2021 because of different reasons. One explanation is the intuitive conversational experience that they offer. 

The other is a reality that is getting progressively clear to UI/UX planners and chatbot designers across the globe. The conventional application interfaces are sufficiently not any longer! Chatbot mobile applications offer an inventive use-case as an application interface to allow clients to connect with organizations consistently, in a human-like way even without people.

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Technology has taken over almost every sector, and everyone should embrace it. There are countless advantages of technological tools for businesses. A mobile app comes with numerous positive outcomes for a business of any size. With extended outreach to more robust service provisions, these apps are great to use. Hire the best mobile app developers in the town for your next mobile app!

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