Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Tax Preparer

Tax seasons can be chaotic and messy. Wondering whether you filed your taxes correctly and struggling to understand the tax laws can be stressful. If you have Phoenix tax preparation services that you can trust, good for you. However, if not, you need to know how to find a good one. 

You will not find a good tax preparer for yourself by asking your friends and family around. The truth is, everyone has different kinds of businesses, and no size fits all. The only way to hire the best possible services is by asking them a few questions before they start working for you. 

Questions to ask your tax preparer

  1. Do you have a PTIN?

PTIN stands for Preparer Tax Identification Number. Having a PTIN is essential for a professional tax preparer and, thus, should be one of your first questions. Just like a person is not legally allowed to drive on the road without a driver’s license, a tax preparer is not allowed to prepare taxes for your company without a PTIN legally. 

  1. What are your credentials and experience?

Credentials refer to the qualifications and achievements of a person. There are various types of credentials, and a reputable tax preparer should have at least more than one of them. They may include being certified or licensed and belonging to professional organizations. As for the experience, a good tax preparer should not have less than 7-10 years. 

  1. Have you prepared this type of tax return before?

As we have stated at the beginning of our blog, not all tax preparers are meant for every type of business. Some tax preparers may be fluent in certain kinds of forms and bad at others. Therefore, make sure that they are suitable for the job you will give them. While reputed and experienced professionals know a lot about taxes, nobody can usually do it all. 

  1. How much do you charge?

Asking about the fees is essential to make sure you and the tax preparer are on the same page. You do not want to hear an amount and be shocked later on. Even if they are unable to say an exact amount, ask them for a close estimate. 

  1. Where will the refund go?

Make sure that the refund check comes back to you directly through your bank account. It is a red flag if your tax preparer insists that the amount comes back to them. The IRS also warns citizens about those whose fees are based on refunds

Filing your taxes can be a tiresome job, but you can lessen your burden with the help of a tax preparer. While choosing one may require a bit of search, the end result will be worth it. 

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