Quick Ways to Find and Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac

Duplicate pictures can take lots of unnecessary space on your Mac. Duplicates on Mac can be created due to many reasons. Mac will create duplicates when we upload photos or take screenshots. Duplicates on the system will take unnecessary space and it will cost money to upgrade the space on the Mac. Mac by default does not have features that will help the user to find and remove duplicates.

We can either remove duplicates manually or we can use a third-party program to remove the duplicates.

Why Remove Duplicate Photos on Mac?

Duplicate Photos take lots of unnecessary space on the Mac. If the drive is filled then we need to increase the storage by purchasing additional hard drives. Also, if the hard drive is filled then the system will become slow and will behave sluggishly. Therefore, it is necessary to remove duplicates from the Mac.

Once the duplicates are removed from the hard drive, then your mac will be decluttered and it will make space on your Mac.

How to Find and Remove Similar or Duplicated Photos on Mac Manually?

Duplicates on the mac can be deleted manually, however, it will take time and unnecessary efforts to -do so.

  1. You can remove the duplicates manually by opening the folder in which pictures are stored and selecting the duplicates one by one and deleting them.

    This method is easy but it does not guarantee a 100% deletion of the duplicates. Also, you have to be careful so that nonduplicates are not deleted. In this method, you have to search the pictures manually and sort them, and then check the name, size, and the extension of the files before deleting them. If you are not confirmed about the duplicate then you have to open the file and double-check it.

1: Open a Finder window.

2: Type “*” in the search bar located on the upper right corner.

3: You will see the Size and Kind column; in case you do not see the column go to View > Show View Options and add them.

4: Now you can sort the results by size, and extension. You can also find some large duplicated items.

  • You can also manage the duplicates using the smart folder feature in the finder.

    a. Open the Finder.
    b. Now from the menu click on File and then New Smart Folder

    c. Now click on the plus sign below the search bar and then select the first parameter to “Kind” and the matching parameter to “Images”.

    d. Now select picture format to “All”
    e. From the results select the duplicate pictures manually and then trash them.

  • Download all the pictures from iCloud and delete duplicates:
    To delete the duplicates, we have to download all the images from iCloud and then reupload them.

    a. Open the browser and log in to iCloud.com
    b. Now go to the Photos tab and click on All Photos
    c. Now select the pictures that you want to delete and then press the delete button.

    d. Now re-upload the pictures.

These were the manual methods for deleting the duplicates from Mac and using a third-party program. To remove duplicate photos from Mac you can use Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro.

1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro:

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro is a simple duplicate photo finder & remover for Mac programs that will help you to remove duplicate photos from Mac in a single click.

duplicate photos fixer for Mac

Download From Here

Duplicate Photos Fixer pro contains many features that will help you to detect exact and similar duplicates easily. It will enable you to remove duplicates in a single click. This Duplicate Photos Finder tool contains different matching criteria that can be set according to the level of similarities you wish to find on the duplicates. 
Some of the features of this duplicate photo’s finder program for Mac:

  • Pictures can be scanned and deleted based on exact match and Similar Match criteria.
  • You can select the matching for finding the duplicates. You can also change Bitmap Size for finding duplicates.
  • This simple program is fast and will give efficient results.
  • Different settings will help you to find different levels of duplicates.
  • Different Auto-mark settings that will help you to mark duplicates according to the specific need of the users. There are many auto mark settings.
  • Drag and drop space for easily adding the scanning locations and pictures.

2. Gemini 2

Gemini 2 is simple to duplicate photos finder software for Mac. It will help you to recover space that is taken by duplicates on your Mac. It is a simple program that you can use to remove duplicates from your Mac easily.

Gemini 2

Download From Here

This program also works as a duplicate file finder program. This program can detect duplicate files on the system.  It is a simple program that will let you detect and delete duplicates easily. If you think that you have deleted some wrong duplicates then you can easily recover them.


Keep your Mac free from duplicates manually or you can use the program mentioned in our blog. The program Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro mentioned in our article will help you to delete the duplicates easily and in a single click.

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