Reasons Why Dolphin Industry remains Top in Product Design Services

Everything starts with the design, and no manufacturing plan can go ahead without proper product design. In Product Manufacturing Services, the design of the product takes up three-fourths of the overall cost. Again, the finalized design should be perfect, and any changes later on, can prove very expensive for the client. It is also the cost factor that determines the price of the ultimate product. Hence, to reduce their overall manufacturing cost, several companies outsource their parts and components manufacturing to third parties. 

Few companies have the capabilities and technology, and a skilled workforce to manufacture such parts. Indeed, outsourcing part of your manufacture to a third party can substantially reduce your cost. It is also seen that some features have to be produced with perfection. If you need such a long-term solution to manufacture components, you may browse here at to place your order. 

Step by Step Procedure for Clients

The clients give their rough sketches or completely finalized sketches of the parts of machinery or equipment to the Dolphin Industry. The company then starts implementing one step after another planned task. At each step, a team dedicated to each client begins regular communication and forms a rapport to perfect the design stage until the sample stage. 

It is understood in the industry that the initial stage of designing takes up 70% to 80% of the total project cost. Hence, the company experts brief their clients that this is perhaps the most important part of all other steps. The client gets involved knowing well that the Product Design Services will make things easier. 

You may change your sketches and even alter designs during your communication with the team of experts. However, after a design is completed and the first sample is produced, you must stick with it, or otherwise any changes after that will make your cost rise considerably. Until the final design is made, the team will contact you and ask for your clearance. 

Best Service Consultancy and Timely Suggestions

It may not be necessary to know everything about the parts you have entrusted with the company. You will get timely suggestions and options to choose from several most suitable designs for your machinery. We have a team that is available every time and provide timely response to customers. Again, the expert team will also guide you to decide how one design is better than the other. You may or may not accept this, but mass production will be carried out only on the final sample you have approved. 

For the above reasons, Dolphin Industry has been rated as one of the top Product Engineering Services globally. The company’s main aim is to give its clients complete solutions to design problems. During communication, the team will apprise you of the progress at each stage and provide you with the calculation or scale between fast cycle times or high-quality production during the manufacturing stage. They will calculate the breakeven point and suggest larger quantities to lower your cost to manageable the price per unit. 

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