Reasons You Should Not Use Ground Plug Adapters

Having many appliances at home can be hectic, especially if you have one power socket and use all the devices simultaneously. You can purchase different adapters to help connect your device to a power source; an example is the ground plug adapter.

A ground plug adapter is an accessory that allows you to plug a three-prong cord on a two-slot outlet appliance. The adapter has a metal loop with a metal connector at the bottom. It is commonly used in older homes since many devices there have two-prong outlets and require a three-prong cord to function.

Appliances that often need a ground plug adapter

  • Laptops
  • Battery chargers
  • Power strips
  • Hairdryers
  • Digital camera chargers
  • Curling irons
  • Electric shavers

Although using a ground plug adapter is common, it poses several risks to you and your home. Below are reasons why it is not safe to use the ground plug adapter:

Users are prone to electrocution

Cases of people who die or get injuries due to electrocution are common. Using a ground plug adapter is quite risky since older electrical appliances have two outlets, a narrow slot and a wide neutral slot. If something interferes with the outlet, the ground becomes a pathway that allows the electricity to flow back to the breaker box.

If there is no ground available, the electricity will divert to an easier path that may be your body, and you may end up with severe injuries. Therefore, using a ground plug adapter is unsafe, especially with children or adults who are not familiar with how the ground plug adapter functions.


They may lead to a fire eruption

Although ground plug adapters are affordable and readily available, they do not have any safety protection function making it risky to plug your electronic device on it.

Electronic devices have a third-party pong that offers protection against surges, malfunctions, and fire. However, using a ground plug adapter removes that functionality. If your device overheats or operates on ungrounded outlets, it may lead to an electric fire outbreak making you incur several losses.

To avoid abnormal power production on your device outlet, you can opt to get a 20 amp power strip surge protector, which will prevent your devices from overheating or exploding by shutting them down once it detects a huge increase in power in the devices.

You can’t use the ground plug adapter with devices that consume a lot of power

The ground plug adapter can’t accommodate many devices because they require a lot of power. Therefore, you may need to connect a few devices at a time which is a disadvantage to buyers who have several devices with two-prong outlets.

Notably, you can’t connect the ground plug adapter to two plug devices like refrigerators, gaming and washing machines because it will damage both the adapter and your device.

power adapter

Buyers can’t use the ground adapter plugin wet areas

During winter, it is quite common for your house to become wet, making it difficult for buyers with two pong outlet appliances to power their devices with a ground plug adapter.

If you place your devices on the ground adapter plug on wet surfaces, your devices may end up getting damaged, and you may incur other losses due to electrical malfunctioning.

Notably, you can use ground fault circuit interrupt outlets to avoid damaging your devices, but they won’t be effective in preventing other electrical malfunctions from occurring.

You can’t use the plug on devices that lack a metal pathway

For the ground plug adapter, you require devices with a metal pathway for you to power up your appliances. Therefore, you can’t use plastic wall boxes since there will be no electrical transmission.

Besides, you can’t also use devices that have metal boxes and no conduit, which is a limiting factor to buyers who have devices of this nature.

The plug is not durable

Using the ground plug adapter frequently makes it vulnerable to getting damaged easily through experiencing abnormal spikes in electricity after several hours of constant connection; hence you will incur extra expenses in repairing your device and getting a new ground plug adapter.

The ground plug adapter also comes with a metal tab which easily comes out. You may need to purchase a new metal tab for your adapter to function efficiently.



Ground plug adapters are unsafe for use, and it would be best to look for a suitable alternative if you have appliances with two pong devices. You can research or consult electricians to help you get a long-lasting alternative.

Notably, you can also decide to update your outlets to three pongs; this will ensure your house is safe from potential issues that may lead to electrocution or electric fires.

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