Renting an affordable office space in Dubai during business setup

If you are planning to set up a business in Dubai, then the first thing for sure that comes to your mind must be having a right office space in the right location of Dubai. Moreover, given the fact that as per Dubai laws, it is mandatory to have a physical office for being legitimate, this becomes more important. Besides as an entrepreneur having an office in a suitable area plays a vital role in bringing the targeted customers to you, building up the brand image of your business, thereby increasing the growth of your business and revenues.

Nonetheless, what quizzes most of the business entrepreneurs is the fact that whether it is better to buy an office or rent it out? Well, renting an office space in Dubai is indeed a better option than buying. This is because they have added advantage which are as under:

Hassle-free set up:

When renting an office, you do not have to worry about setting up pf the basic requirements such as electricity or telephone lines or water supply, thereby offering a hassle free set up.

Cost Effective:

 Renting an office in Dubai is definitely cost effective. This is especially in case when you have limited funds or a new entrant then this definitely is more feasible than blocking a chunk of your capital in buying the property that too in your initial days of business.

Limitless renting options: 

There are plenty of options when it comes to affordable or cheap office space for rent in Dubai. And that’s not all, even the UAE government, with its pro-business initiatives, has made renting an office easier for businesses. 

Factors to keep in mind for renting an affordable office space in Dubai

When you are searching a suitable office for rent, there are few factors you need to keep in mind that includes of: take into account when looking to rent a serviced office

  1. Location: Location is an essential factor that is foundation of the success or failure of any business. Even the best businesses can fail to take off owing to a poor choice of location. It is a known fact that a suitable and right location drives customer to your business, thereby generating revenues. So, when you are renting an office which supports your business. You need to consider the following key points while deciding to location of your rented office space:
  • Approachability
  • Visibility
  • Targeted Customer Base
  • Financial Feasibility 
  • Ease of Suppliers
  • Competitors
  1. Office Size: You need to keep in mind that as per the norms set by Department of Economic Department (DED) of Dubai, the size of your office should be of the minimum size of 200 square feet along with 70 square feet of area for per person.
  1. Appropriate infrastructure: It is necessary to ensure that the office that you intend to rent is inclusive of all the necessary infrastructure and equipment so that you are able to carry out your business operations smoothly. 
  1. Seek Professional Consultation: If you are a new entrant in Dubai, it is advisable to seek a professional consultation especially when signing the tenancy contract as sometimes there are hidden clauses and cost that can cause trouble in running your business in future. So, it is better to have your agreement made by a professional consultant or firm to avoid any kind of redundant hassles later on.
  1. Consider renting of serviced office: Though there are plenty of options available for you to rent a premise for your business in Dubai such as: co-working office space, smart desk, serviced offices in business centres, flexi offices and rented offices, however, among these renting of a serviced office Dubai has emerged to be an ideal option in recent years.  The biggest reason being that they are quite affordable as well as convenient and comfortable. Because of this they are particularly popular amongst the mid-sized and small sized firms. Though of course, those offices located in prime located business centres will cost more but then it all depends upon how much you are ready to spend.

Basically, serviced offices are office spaces that are fully and pre-equipped office, with all the necessary infrastructure and amenities such as fixtures and furniture, service line, pantry and so on. In short, these are ready-to-move office space maintained by the owner of the property which you can rent out. Some of the advantages offered by renting of serviced offices includes of:

  • Ready-to-move structure – Renting serviced offices offer a hassle-free experience as they are well furnished and pre-equipped with all the necessary amenities so you can right away start your business operation after completing all legal procedures of renting. 
  • Covered maintenance cost: In a serviced office the cost of maintaining an office is included in the rental fee, thereby allowing you to save your precious time and cost required to maintain the office space.
  • Low security deposit – Renting a serviced office space in business centres comes with a great advantage which is that the security deposit is quite low and so you do not need to deposit huge amount as advance payment for security deposit. Further, they come with simple rental contracts which means less documentation to handle. And, what more, you can also rent these on per month basis.
  • Added advantage of free professional services – With renting of serviced offices, a number of professional services such as security and trained staff comes along, without any extra fee.
  • Location – Most of the business centres are found to be located in the centre of the city, thereby offering an excellent locational advantage. This is turn will help your targeted clients to reach out easily.

In look out for your office space in a leading business location?

With Dubai emerging as hotspot for business set ups, investors are constantly on a look out for affordable yet primely located office spaces for running their businesses in Dubai. And well, beyond any doubt to launch or set up business in Dubai is in itself a tedious task, and what makes it more difficult and challenging is when you are not able to find a suitable office or premises in right location for running your business operations. This is where, we at Shuraa can help you out. We provide a wide range of affordable and easily reachable ready-to-move-in and serviced offices to you to choose from. So now leave your concerns about the logistics to us and divert all your focus on one major thing which is running your business!

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