Right Essay On Computer Addiction With Complete Knowledge

Computer addiction:

Computer is an electronic device that makes our work easier, faster and automatically. It is a device that made our generation a golden era. In every nook and corner of the world, most of the houses have their own computer. Once upon a time there used to only computer those who are rich. Nowadays, every large company have been manufacturing large scale of computer in every hour.it is used in various sector like business, education, military, banking etc.  as the time passage every age group of people are learning to operate computers. If anyone using the computer for longer period of time knowns as computer addiction.

Some Other Addiction:

It is addiction as smoking, drinking, drugs etc. computer addiction is one of the burning issues of modern era. It has hampering the social, psychological, and physical effects on a person.  Although the using computer is a good thing. but using for long period of time hampering backs is an addication. It has made the person to become independent. when computer was not access to the people of the world. They are dependent on each other. Sometime people feel to depression, anxiety and stress because of loneliness. Through the access of computer, people are independent of other. they access to relieve from stress, anxiety and depression. It had made many good impacts on people life.

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Make simple Life:

Firstly, it has made our life simple, easier and faster. It is great platform to show our hidden talents and skills. Through computer new people, new faces, new culture and new places can be observed virtually.it also has recreational games for many youths. In the era of internet and computer, youth have been virtually involved in computer in streaming, vlogging and editing. This has made the world as global village. Through this world has been narrow place. From child to old age, people have been operating computer for different purpose. however, using computer is good but using it for longer period of time that can affect physically, mentally of the people.

Definition of Computer Addition:

The people who are attached this kind of addication is known as computer addication. Using the computer daily wise and spending time on the computer on unnecessary this is called computer addication. Many youth are involved in cybersex addication, hacking and blackmailing others. Through computer, it can make worse of our life. It can bring negative in our study, family relation and soon. Around 2.3 to 5.6 million people are addicted to computer in 1997. It has increased from 11.3 to 18.9 million in 2005. due to addication of computer, many youths are suffering from different things like mental illness to physical. through this many youth committed suicide and suffer from physical pain too. Through this, children studied get hampered by using it in improper way.

 Many people think it is not a bring problem. Even society thinks this is not big issue. They allow their children to use the computer in inappropriate way. To avoid this issue, we must stand against this addication. Awareness program should be conducted to know about this issue. In every nooks and corner of schools, this addication should take the action against it and provide the knowledge about its issue. So, this issue should educated towards the students. If the person is depressed, stress.  I believe it must be computer addication . so we must use the computer wisely. I hope you liked my essay and have a good day.

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