Role Of A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being wrongly accused can be one of the most horrifying experiences of your life. You could end up in jail or be looking at a hefty fine. It is common to be scared during this situation; however, a skilled criminal defence lawyer Vancouver can help protect you by strategizing the best defenses. 

Role of a criminal defense lawyer: 

  1. Interviewing about the case. 

When you hire an attorney, they will interview you about the case. This process may go on for several hours as they try to get as many facts of the case as possible. Make sure you provide them with every detail of your situation and be honest about it. Lying to your attorney will only make things worse.  You can also visit appeals attorney Jacksonville Florida according to your requirements.

  1. Investigating the case. 

After interviewing you about the case and gathering the details, your attorney will begin their independent investigation into the situation. The process may include obtaining a copy of the police report and speaking with the police to understand their procedures in conjunction with the case. 

They may also interview witnesses, analyze photographs of the crime scene and your injuries, review your medical reports, speak with expert witnesses, and find out their own pieces of evidence. 

  1. Handling the witnesses. 

Witnesses may not always be comfortable sharing what they saw or might be scared because someone threatened them not to reveal the truth. Attorneys are trained to work with witnesses and handle situations like these. It will be easier for them to gather evidence and statements from witnesses than you. While witnesses may be hesitant to speak to you directly, they will be more confident when speaking to your attorney. 

  1. Plea bargaining. 

Your attorney will try their best to make you look innocent. However, in some cases, you may have no choice but to admit guilt as no amount of defense will be able to set you free. In such cases, your attorney will negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecution. 

A plea bargain involves reducing your penalties or removing your charges altogether. Hiring an attorney is particularly important here because prosecutors do not like to negotiate with defendants who represent themselves. 

  1. Jury selection. 

The jury selection process is important as they will be deciding your fate in the trial. An attorney can help select a panel of jurors and remove those who may seem biased against the defendant or even when they simply have a bad feeling about them. Attorneys are skilled people and can recognize body language. Therefore, you should trust their instincts. 

As you can understand by the mentioned points, the job of a criminal defense lawyer is to make the trial process easier for you. Having an attorney by your side is important, especially when the other party has one too. If something does not go your way, your attorney can make an appeal and potentially fix the situation. 

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