Scholarships for International Students to Study in Australia

Have you ever wished to study in Australia? Are you enthralled by the prospect of spending your university years barbecuing, surfing, and studying at a top Australian institution? With this collection of Australian scholarships, here is your opportunity.

The following list includes government-supported, externally financed, and university-specific Australian scholarships for overseas students pursuing Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees in Australia.

Who is eligible to apply for a scholarship?

International students are eligible for all of the scholarships featured on our website. Many are open to students of all countries; however, all scholarship requirements are determined by the school or organisation providing the scholarship, and applications must be submitted directly to the scholarship giver. To find out if you are qualified for a scholarship, you must first contact the scholarship provider.

Postgraduate Awards

AwardStudy LevelAward DurationTotal Award ValuePermitted to hold other scholarships
Endeavour Postgraduate AwardsPostgraduate study/research for an Australian Master’s degree or PhDUp to 2 years for a Masters Up to 3.5 years for a PhD
up to $201,000No other Australian Government sponsored scholarships
Endeavour Europe AwardsPostgraduate study/research for an Australian Master’s degree or PhD4 months – 1 yearup to $38,500Yes

Research Awards

AwardStudy LevelAward durationTotal Award ValuePermitted to hold other scholarships
Endeavour Australia Cheung Kong Research FellowshipsResearch towards a Master’s degree or PhD in home country; or postdoctoral research4 – 6 mthsup to AUD 23,500No other Endeavour Award or any AusAID scholarship & fellowship
Endeavour Research FellowshipsResearch towards a Master’s degree or PhD in home country; or postdoctoral research4 – 6 mthsup to AUD 23,500No other Endeavour Award or any AusAID scholarship & fellowship

Vocational Education and Training Awards

AwardStudy LevelAward DurationTotal Award ValuePermitted to hold other scholarships
Endeavour Vocational Education and Training (VET) AwardsDiploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degree1-2.5 yearsup to AUD 119,500No other Australian Government sponsored scholarship

Executive Awards

AwardStudy LevelAward durationTotal Award ValuePermitted to hold other scholarships
Endeavour Executive AwardsProfessional Development1 – 4 mthsup to AUD 20,000No other Australian Government sponsored scholarship

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Increase your chances of receiving a scholarship in Australia.

Obtaining a scholarship to study in Australia is difficult for an overseas student. Here are 10 things to think about if you want to increase your chances of getting an Australian scholarship:

  • Apply for scholarships with lesser reward amounts: The majority of students seek for scholarship programmes with large award amounts. Although these scholarships are the greatest, they are also quite difficult to obtain. So, set aside some time to apply for scholarships with lesser reward amounts.
  • Consider the following scholarships that are tough to come by: Some scholarships are tough to acquire merely due to the stringent qualifying requirements and selection process. These awards also require applicants to submit a variety of papers in order to be considered for the scholarship. Many students just do not work hard enough to qualify for these scholarships
  • Continue to apply for scholarships: If you don’t get a scholarship, don’t give up. Even if they don’t obtain immediate results, students should keep seeking scholarships. Apply for as many scholarships as you can, and keep in mind that you must be in it to win it.
  • Join a group of people: To receive a scholarship, you don’t necessarily need to have excellent academic abilities. Scholarships are also given to students who participate in community service in Australia.
  • Check the qualifying requirements and apply as soon as possible: Do not make a hasty decision about applying for a scholarship. Check the qualifying requirements carefully to ensure that you are only applying for scholarships for which you are eligible and that you are not wasting your time. Also, be sure you apply and submit all of your papers before the deadline.
  • To locate more scholarships, use the following search engines: If you already know about a lot of scholarships, that’s fantastic; but, don’t discount the power of search engines, which may quickly show you hundreds more. You may also use Oz Studies to look for scholarships.
  • Look into universities you may not be aware of: Be open-minded about where you want to go to school. Even if you don’t obtain a scholarship at your first choice, you could be qualified for one at a different institution.
  • Take assistance with your scholarship application: If you are confident in your abilities, you can write the finest scholarship application on your own. To increase your chances, though, it is a good idea to seek expert assistance.
  • Improve your English language skills: Students who speak English well have a better chance of receiving a scholarship.
  • Adhere to the terms of your scholarship programme: International students who get scholarships to study in Australia must follow the terms and conditions of their specific scholarship programmes. Students who fail to do so risk incurring debt and being obligated to repay the administering body the full amount of the scholarship grant. If you’re interested in learning more about how to receive an Australian scholarship, visit this blog.

Scholarships for overseas students supported by the Australian government

Australia Awards Scholarships (AAS) —

  • This is scholarships to study in Australia for students from Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the Middle East for degree levels (bachelors, masters, and PhD). The Allison Sarabjit Prize and the HadiSoesastro Prize are also open to Indonesian applicants.
  • Over 1,000 scholarships of up to AU$15,000 per student per year are available to domestic and international students to study at institutions in regional Australia at all levels of study.

RTP (Research Training Program) —

These are Australian postgraduate scholarships for local and international students wishing to pursue a research degree at a participating Australian university.

International students can apply for university-specific Australian scholarships.

University of the Catholic Church in Australia International Student Scholarships —

Academic merit-based scholarships for beginning international undergraduate and postgraduate

Australian National Institution —

  • The University offers various scholarships for overseas students at various levels of study, which may be discovered using the University’s search engine.
  • Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) offers tuition price scholarships to masters and doctoral students at the University of Adelaide.
  • Curtin University International Research Scholarships – Curtin University in Perth offers international scholarships to students pursuing masters or doctoral degrees. Three AU$10,000 MengFei Innovative Future Leader Scholarships are also available for foreign undergraduate and master by coursework students.

Deakin University –

  • This is a scholarship search engine for those interested in studying at Deakin University in Melbourne.
  • Linders International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (FIPRS) – Flinders University in Adelaide offers Australian scholarships for postgraduate Research. On the basis of merit, awards are given to masters and doctoral research students.
  • Academic Excellence Scholarships (AES) at La Trobe University in Melbourne are available to overseas students. Open to high-achieving international students participating in any taught undergraduate or postgraduate programme in Australia or New Zealand. The scholarship is only valid for two semesters.

Macquarie Vice-Overseas Chancellor’s Scholarships —

  • Partial tuition price scholarships are offered to “exceptional” international students who wish to study at Macquarie University in Sydney in Australia. Students from Europe, ASEAN nations, Mongolia, Australia, and New Zealand, are not eligible.
  • Melbourne Research Scholarships (MRS) — Scholarships for high-achieving domestic and foreign students to study at the University of Melbourne for a master’s research programme.

International Scholarships for Excellence at Monash University –

  • This is a Merit-based scholarship for overseas undergraduate and graduate students to study at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Rotary Peace Fellowships – Australian fellowships for master’s degree students enrolled in one of Rotary’s Peace Centres (such as at the University of Queensland, Australia).
  • International Scholarships at the University of Sydney – A variety of Australian scholarships are available to international undergraduate students studying at the University of Sydney. Postgraduate students can also apply for scholarships.
  • Newcastle University is a public research university in Newcastle, England. UNIPRS (United Nations Postgraduate Research Scholarships) Are Australian scholarships for postgraduate students to study at the University of Newcastle in Australia.

The University of Southern Queensland is located in Queensland, Australia (USQ), Greater China

  • International Student Bursary – For undergraduate or postgraduate students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, five bursaries valued up to AU$5,000 are offered.
  • University of Sydney Overseas Scholarships (USydIS) –
  • This is a Scholarship for international students pursuing research degrees at the University of Sydney (master’s or PhD).

The University of Western Australia is located in Perth, Western Australia. International

  • Postgraduate Research Scholarships – The University of Western Australia offers research scholarships to master’s and PhD students who want to study in Australia. Tuition, a biweekly stipend for living costs, and health insurance are all covered.
  • UTS International Undergraduate Full Tuition Award – For the term of the scholarship, UTS will cover each recipient’s tuition costs for the accepted bachelor’s degree. Based on a full-time study load, the scholarship will endure for the usual number of sessions necessary to complete the recipient’s registered undergraduate course. A postgraduate scholarship is also available.
  • Overseas Scholarships at Victoria University — Many scholarships are available for international students, including the VU International Postgraduate Research Scholarship.
  • Other international student scholarships in Australia

International Water Centre Scholarships for International Students –

Australian scholarships for international students enrolled in the University of Queensland’s Master of Integrated Water Management programme in Brisbane.

The Northcote Graduate Scholarship —

  • This is a three-year scholarship for UK students to study for a postgraduate degree in Australia. On behalf of the Northcote Trust, the Britain-Australia Society administers it.
  • The Australian-American Fulbright Commission awards scholarships to American citizens at different stages of their careers. Awardees participate in an academic and cultural exchange, conducting Research or studying at an Australian institution, experiencing life in Australia, and returning to the United States with new knowledge and experience to share with their communities. Scholarships are available.

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Australia awards scholarships.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade administers Australia Grants Scholarships, formerly known as Australian Development Scholarships (ADS), long-term development awards. They allow persons from developing nations, particularly those in the Indo-Pacific area, to study full-time at participating Australian universities and Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutes. Full tuition costs, return plane tickets, establishment allowance, contribution to living expenses (CLE), Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), and other perks are common.

Scholarships to go to Australia

The Australian government sponsors the Destination Australia scholarship programme, designed to help Australian and international students’ study in regional Australia. Over 1000 $15,000 scholarships will be awarded each year to help with the costs of pursuing a Certificate IV to Doctorate level qualification at a rural campus of an eligible Australian university.

Scholarships for International Postgraduate Research (IPRS)

International students can complete a postgraduate research diploma in Australia and get experience working with prominent Australian researchers through the IPRS programme. For a master by research degree, the scholarships are available for two years, and a Doctorate by research degree is accessible for three years. The scholarship includes both tuition and health insurance.


Grants, bursaries, and scholarships enable exceptional students and researchers to continue studying and research without fear of financial hardship. Scholarships enable students to study in a stress-free atmosphere, resulting in improved academic performance and a bright future for everybody.

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