SEO: A brief guide to the technical package terms you must know.

Many a time the SEO companies try to obscure the vision of people by throwing too many technical terms in the SEO package they offer. This not only instills dread in their mind but also carves a crater amid them and the company. SEO on its own is a foreign language and it needs an expert to teach you the same. It does not only makes one feel comfortable when dealing with those in this field, but it also brings a sense of harmony and ease between service providers and their clients. Perfect Link building believes in keeping its  users at ease. For the same, here is an attempt to bring colors and clarity to those dreadful seeming terms in alphabetical order.

A brief intro of SEO terms used by companies in their packages:

  • Alt Attributes – It includes Alt texts and tags. This is shown when a website visitor does not want to see, or does not get shown, the images included in that particular webpage. When you add Alt Attributes to your images, it also helps in the search engine rankings.
  • Anchor Text – If a website wants to add some useful URL into their webpage content, they use some specific phrase to create a hyperlink of that URL. For e.g., Instead of placing directly into the webpage content, you use ‘SEO Package’ as anchor text to create a hyperlink as ‘SEO Package’. This not only adds to the aesthetic values but also adds to the search engine rankings.
  • Backlinks – This is when a website directs its visitors to some external website. This is the same as recommending some other shop to your customer. It comes to be too vital for the health and image of a website.
  • Black Hat – Many scammers and newbies practice orthodox and unusual ways to optimize and rank a website. Instead of invigorating the website, this depletes its trust and image in the internet world. In the worst case possible, the website gets banned by major search engines, such as Google or Bing.
  • Broken Links – When the webpage shows a 404 error, it means that the link is broken. This could be due to many issues, such as content deletion or changes done to the URL. SEO companies perform an audit to sort these issues out. This is also known as Dead Link.
  • Caching or Cache – If you visit a website too often, the computer stores some of its data to access later, so that the computer does not re-download those graphics or elements when you visit that website again. It helps in adding load speed and saves you data.
  • Canonical tags – When a website holds various web pages with somewhat similar content, the search engine needs to be told about the preferred webpage among those all. It helps in reducing duplication errors.
  • Deep Submitting – This is to submit a list of all the possible URLs to a search engine.
  • Domain Rating – It is a rating on a scale of 100 developed and provided by MOZ that tells the strength of backlinks. A better rating does always mean that the ranking would be adorned accordingly.
  • Googlebot – The bot used by Google, known as a crawler, which crawls the webpages for Google to index and rank accordingly.
  • Google Console – A web service offered by Google to help webmasters look into the indexation status and optimize accordingly.
  • Hidden Text – A technique used by spammers or Black Hats to fool the search engines. This is when a page uses text color the same as its background color. It violates SEO guidelines and can lead to a ban.
  • Keywords – These are the words or phrases that a person searches on google. Websites predict the words that could be searched by one using different tools and techniques and then create the web content accordingly.
  • Lead Generation – It is a process of collecting the visitors’ information, thereafter identifying and sifting the potential user.
  • Link Optimization – Auditing the links of a particular website using different tools and techniques to identify any error or dead links. SEO package includes this under the many services it offerss.
  • Meta Tags – It is a type of HTML coding done by SEO specialists or content developers to tell search engines about the basic webpage content and features. It helps in search result listings.
  • Optimization – Fine-tuning or optimizing a website or a webpage to bring harmony amid the website and the search engine, and alongside a clarity of content. This demands in-depth knowledge of SEO.
  • Organic Searches or listings – This is the total amount of visitors who have come directly through search results and not some paid advertisement. Organic searches are the direct indicator of the website’s performance: The growth in organic visitors means that the website is ranking higher on search results.
  • Page Rank – Page ranking is the digital gauge to measure the fame and performance of a website or webpage. The sole purpose of SEO services is to uplift the ranking of a webpage, so as to help a business thrive above its competitors.
  • Robot – Any computer program that accesses links and webpages independently of any human intervention. For e.g., Google uses Googlebot to index millions of web pages every day.
  • Robots.txt – It is used when all the web pages are not ready to be displayed before the public. SEO experts use this file to tell the spiders not to crawl certain web pages for indexation.
  • Search Engine Submission – The process of submitting a URL to a search engine to make it aware of its presence within the internet.
  • Spider – A computer program that downloads specific information from the websites. It helps in bringing conformity between the results searched by its users and the results shown by the search engine. Regular updates are done by search engine companies to improve the overall performance.
  • Web Analytics – The use of different metrics or statistics to understand the performance of a website. This is used by webmasters to analyze, improvise, and overcome any issue faced.
  • White Hat – The exact opposite of a Black Hat. It is the proper following of SEO guidelines while denying any illegal or spammy technique to rank higher.

While these terms are to bring clarity among those going to opt for an SEO package, the list is not exhaustive. If there still remains a gap between our attempt to clarify and your understanding of it all, feel free to Contact Us and let us help you happily. 

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