SEO Driven Approach To Content Marketing: The Complete Guide 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and content marketing are two important tools that go hand in hand. The importance of SEO continues to grow with every passing year. In order to optimize your digital marketing efforts, you need to ensure that your content marketing and SEO strategies working together. And building an SEO content marketing strategy is one of the effective ways to accomplish the same.  In this article, we will delve into ways by which you can create a content marketing strategy to stay on top of the search engine.

How Content Marketing and SEO Work Together?

Many SEO experts in India depend highly on email marketing and social media marketing to promote their content. These are powerful online marketing channels that can help you reinforce your marketing strategies. However, when using these channels, you cannot guarantee that your content will reach your audience in a timely manner. However, having an SEO driven approach increases your probability to reach your target audience in an efficient and effective manner.

People turn to Google to get answers to even the most basic question, Why not harness its potential to improve your visibility? If you need to attract your audience, you need to extend the right content at the right time, and SEO and content marketing together help you achieve that. When you create content that is centred on relevant keywords and phrases that your audiences are looking for, you significantly improve your digital visibility.

How to Build SEO-Friendly Content Marketing?

At this point in time, using the SEO-driven approach has become more relevant for content marketers more than ever. You already have your content, why not implement a little scientific approach and optimize its visibility and reach? With SEO, you can put your content on the first page of the search engine.

When you outline SEO tactics for your content marketing, you need to take a little different approach. Begin by comprehending how the search engine giant is rewarding, visually focused content. Google considers these elements like quality, and they do a better job of attracting users. While they are important, the keyword is the old tactics that still carry the same influence as before. Earlier, the primary SEO goal was to achieve keyword matching. However, times have changed, and keywords need to be used more intelligently.  Using keywords in the right manner can help you build an SEO driven content marketing strategy. How can you use keywords in your content marketing? Below we have highlighted some of the best ways that will help you create a strong content marketing strategy that aligns with SEO objectives.

  • Use the Right Keywords

The first and most important step is to find the right keyword for your content. There are various tools that can help you find relevant keywords based on your niche. Google Adwords Keyword Planner is one of the effective tools that you can use. In the search bar type a word or phrase that is most important to your niche. Google will provide you with a long list of words related to your search term that people from across the globe search on the web. Not only will you provide tons of keyword ideas, but this will also help you understand your reader’s online activities.

  • Consider Your Target Audience

It is imperative to know how your target audience is before you build your content strategy. You can use analytics software in order to get the kind of audience that visits your website. Subsequently, assess what kind of information they are looking for and curate content that caters to their needs. For instance, teens are your target audience, and then you want to focus on rendering more updates with less write-up and more attractive and engaging images and videos. Additionally, you should make sure that your website is fully responsive and mobile-optimized.

  • Create Editorial Calendar

If you are not already using an editorial calendar, then you should start creating one as soon as possible. And when you have the list of your keywords, make sure that you include them in your content marketing process. You can start by focusing on a single keyword each keyword by adding that in a blog post to your editorial calendar. Once that blog post is on the editorial calendar, it will get written, and you will have the record of keywords that you have covered in your blog posts. Pre-planning your content marketing strategies help you keep things organized.

  • Understand the Site’s Position

The keyword will make forms a checklist for your content marketing. These are the words that you will use to rank your site higher in the search engine. Once you have the list, the next step is to assess these phrases to track where your site stands for each of these keywords. You can use reputed SEO tools like MOZ, RavenTools, etc. for the same. These tools will tell you where your site ranks with respect to a particular keyword. The objective here is to monitor your position on the search engine ranking on a daily basis and optimize your ranking.

  • Use Basic Keyword Identification

You should not be writing a blog post where a specific keyword is not identified. Try to identify keywords as soon as you schedule a post. It is a good practice to imbibe that will help you curate quality and SEO friendly content. Along with increasing the SEO value, it also helps you get a direction for your writing.

Often people have trouble finding keywords for certain one-off posts; however, there are two easy solutions for the same. The first step is to take the help of a keyword planning tool and get the right keyword. Secondly, you can head to Google search and look at recommended search terms that come at the bottom of the webpage.

  • Optimize your Content for the Keyword

Along with having the right keyword, you would need the assistance of a couple of tools to make sure that your content is SEO friendly. The objective of these tools is to make sure your content is optimized based on your keyword and help you achieve a majority of your SEO goals. If you cannot afford a paid tool, you can add a Yoast plug-in, which is completely free. In the tool, you mention the keywords that you are targeting, and the tool will tell you how your content ranks based on that. You need to make sure your content ranks as high as possible in order to attain end objectives.

  • Leverage your Internet Plot

Prior to publishing and sharing your content, use your own internet plot where it can be live so that you can build relevance, authority, and credibility. Publish the content on your website, along with social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook. You can also be publishing your post on content sites; however, these sites aren’t that reliable. Primarily, stick to publishing your content on your own site. This can significantly help you with your SEO content strategy.

  • Use SEO-friendly Plug-ins for Your WordPress Site

While SEO is not about tools and tricks, there are still areas where the old concept works. Any SEO expert in India will tell you, including an SEO-friendly plug-in on your website can help you with your SEO strategies. This is because a majority of the SEO happens on-page itself, making it vital to optimize the design and structure of the website. Yoast, WP Rocket, etc. are some plug-ins that should add to your WordPress site. Contrary to what people believe, SEO is not obsolete; it has merely changed. Fortunately, the new SEO is highly valuable for content marketers. According to SEO experts in India, when SEO basics are combined with content marketing strategies, you achieve effective and long-lasting results.

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