Seven Different Ways To Wear Your Fedora This Spring

Ready to ditch your winter clothes and welcome the warm springtime with open arms? If so, you might want to consider updating your wardrobe while making the transition. One way to do this is by incorporating a fedora into your look. Many people think of a fedora solely for classic, old-school jazz singers trying to bring back retro fashion trends. But wearing straw fedora hats is now back in trend with the latest styles and styling ideas. There are many great style ideas for wearing straw fedora hats this spring. The three such best ideas are detailed here.

Wear Your Fedora As A Beret

Wearing your fedoras as Beret can give you a unique style sense by adding elegant style pieces to your outfit. Berets are another popular fedora hat style that you can also wear this spring. Berets are slightly different from fedoras in their structure and appearance, but they still provide the same comfort level to the wearer. So, if you have been looking for a way to change up your look and show off some of your wilder fashion sense, why not wear a beret with your outfit instead? You can even wear it with a straw hat to add more interest to your look.

Mix And Match Your Hats

Don’t get too caught up in being bound by the rules; springtime is the season where you can start doing crazy things with your straw fedora styling. For example, you can make a whole new look by adding a straw fedora hat to your usual beanie hat. By combining two different hats into one look, you get a whole new style that you can enjoy. If your wardrobe is full of beautiful designs of straw fedoras, then it is time to experiment with them all with different outfits and styles.

Wear Your Hat As A Flat Cap

You can use your straw fedora hat as a form of headwear when the weather gets cold. If you already have a straw hat that you have been wearing, try stacking it on top of your head to make it look like you are wearing two hats at once. You can also wear this look by adding an unstructured beanie cap to the mix. This way, you can also get the benefit of having a hat to keep your head warm while giving you a somewhat youthful-looking hairstyle as well. 

Cool Shades & Sun Glasses

People who want to make their tan look more interesting can wear a hat with sunglasses so that the beanie and glasses both rest on the head by being fastened at the front or on either side. Some fedora hats are designed to look like classic American-style sunglasses but instead use straw or felt materials as the frame material. Just like a straw hat protects your skin from the sun, shades can also help keep your eyes cool on a hot summer day. In addition, the pair can help you tackle the heat waves on a hot summer noon.

Match Your Fedora Hats With A Scarf

Almost everyone likes wearing a scarf to keep them safe from heat waves and give an off look to your styling. So if you love your straw fedora hats, then why not pair them with a cool scarf. There are many great varieties to try with scarves and experiment with different straw fedora hats. These are especially great for the springtime. Adding a scarf will help you keep fashionably ahead of the crowd and provide relief from springtime heat waves.

Go Classic With A Simple Hat

Why not go old school and stick to a classic black fedora if you want to keep with traditional styles? You can also opt for a white fedora or another color to look more modern. Just make sure that your hat is made from quality materials like real straw, which you can find online in many different colors and patterns.

Add An Abstract Design To Your Fedora Hat

If you have been wearing your straw fedora hats in the same way for some time now, then start experimenting by adding an exciting abstract design to your hat. You can also try tying it in a way that will give you a unique hat look. This way, you get to pack more style into one item in your wardrobe. This spring, why not give one of these exciting hats a try with these exciting styling ideas. 


The best part is that all of these hats are available online on major e-commerce sites and many stores near you. So if you have been looking for some fun new ways to wear your straw fedora hat this spring, then check out some of these ideas and start mixing and matching today! 


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