Several Tips For Maintaining Garage Doors

Anyone who owns a home with a garage understands how useful it is. It’s difficult to imagine ever owning a house without one after having one. Garage door maintenance is sometimes ignored, but it should be a part of your routine twice a year for seasonal inspection and maintenance. Garage doors that have been neglected can put a lot of strain on an automated garage door opener, so investing an hour or two every year between summer and winter will save you money on repairs. Moreover, well-experienced garage door service providers must be immediately called if you find any issue with the automatic garage gate. It can worsen over time, costing you a handsome amount of money to get it fixed. You can follow a simple step-by-step procedure. You can schedule your garage door check to coincide with other seasonal events for added convenience.


Examining Door In Operation

When a garage door is well-maintained and tuned, it is reasonably quiet as it glides up and down, and there should be no jerkiness in its movement. Make that the springs, rollers, and wires on both ends of the system are equal.


Remove The Rust

Make sure the tracks on both sides of the door are clean and rust-free. A level can also be used to ensure that the tracks are precisely vertical throughout their vertical sections. Small track changes can be done by yourself, but major track adjustments require special garage door service providers.


Tightening Up The Bolts

The door hardware gets loose over the period of time as it moves upward and down several times during the period. Brackets holding the door must be examined after every quarter, and if there are any loose bolts, they can be fixed and tightened up with the help of a socket wrench.


Replacing The Rollers

At least two times a year, the rollers along the garage door’s edge should be inspected, and every four to five years, they should be changed. Replace any rollers that are fractured or worn during your inspection. Typically, the brackets that secure the rollers to the door can be removed without putting much effort.



Maintaining proper lubrication of the rollers and other moving parts will decrease pressure on the rollers and gate openers, extending their useful lives. Put a high-quality spraying lubricant to rollers and joints thrice a year, including such white lithium oil, and wipe off any leftover. If any rollers appear to be stuck, use  WD-40 to spray them, then wash them clean and lubricate them.


Replacing Rubber

The rubber weatherstripping keeps the cold out as well as water and dust. Make sure it’s in good working order thrice a year. Some weatherstripping uses a flange that slides into a groove in the bottom of the door to fit into the bottom of the door. Wooden garage door weatherstripping is often screwed in place. Weatherstripping is usually sold at many retail shops and is also available in bulk at many wholesale stores.


Painting The Door

If your wooden door doesn’t have weather stripping around the bottom edge, ensure it’s well-sealed or painted before adding a weatherstrip. When looking out the other components, don’t forget to look at the door. Look for rust areas on steel doors, which should be primed and painted. Wooden doors require more attention as they get damaged quickly due to water.


Properly Balanced Door

The garage door opener will have to work harder if your garage door is not perfectly adjusted, and it will not last as long. Springs used to balance the doors should be of top quality, so that very less force is required to swing it.


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