Shopping Season Is Here: What Things Can You Buy Online As Gifts?

It’s that time of the year again when people will be shopping and panic-buying as if there is no tomorrow, pandemic, pollution problem, and climate crisis going on. But who can resist acting like it’s normal, even just for the holidays? It’s time to be merry, be with your family and friends, and celebrate it by giving gifts.

So if you’re looking for some gift ideas, then you came to the right place. There are tons of sites and online shops where you can go to and shop from. But of course, try to prioritize the small and independent businesses near you, especially if they’re committed to sustainability. If you were too busy and you didn’t have enough time to buy your gifts, you can always buy them from websites like Amazon. The options are endless, and fortunately, making payments from anywhere in the globe is easier, faster, and safer these days.

Shop Sustainably and Responsibly

Shopping these days is all about making more informed decisions by consuming less and supporting eco-friendly and green businesses. Sustainability is the new trend. So even if you are left without many options but to buy from Amazon, there are still many things that will be good for your budget and the environment. Check out some of them below:

1. Tote Bags 

Tote bags are cool and easy to keep in your main bag if you need an extra bag when shopping or buying groceries. Many people love sporting them for their prints and because it helps you become less dependent on plastic bags. So, get yourself and your friends some of the most fantastic tote bags and opt out of using plastic bags every time you go shopping.

2. Compost Bin 

Sure, compost bins are not precisely the typical gifts your nieces and nephews will enjoy receiving for the holidays. Still, if you have any friends or relatives who are into gardening, they will love it. These bins look fantastic, and it will let anyone with these compost bins have less food waste while making some organic fertilizers for plants.

3. Environment-Friendly Toothbrush

Unfortunately, most of the activities humans do to live their modern lives have a huge impact on the environment, from traveling, shopping, and brushing your teeth. Yes, even brushing your teeth can damage the planet, especially if you’re using a plastic toothbrush that you must change every other month.

But green businesses have been doing many innovations to allow you to live your life as normally as possible and keep your teeth healthy without leaving too much plastic waste. This innovation is the eco-friendly toothbrush, which has been around for quite some time now. Still, there are now bamboo toothbrushes with a brush you can replace, so you won’t need to buy a new one all the time.

4. Swimwear Made Out of Recycled Materials

Before plastic pollution became a massive threat to human life, clothes made from recycled materials were difficult to imagine. But now they are everywhere. Adidas is one of the biggest companies using ocean plastic to design their shoes. There are also smaller companies like Everlane making swimwear from waste. It can be an advanced summer present that you give to your friends that you can use next summer or when you want to enjoy a Jacuzzi night.

5. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Whenever you’re out with your friend, like when you’re camping or chilling somewhere quiet, it will make your hangout nicer with some good music coming from a good Bluetooth speaker. Why don’t you get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for yourself, which will protect it from water if it gets wet? Now, you can go swimming and play some music you like with these speakers. And yes, they’re made from sustainable materials.

6. Solar-powered Phone Charger

It’s quite common for people to be out and have their phones die out on them without their chargers in their bags. It’s a situation you won’t want to be in. So consider getting a portable solar-powered charger so you won’t need to look for an outlet to plug it in. It’s a practical item to have for yourself and to give to your friends and family.

Families who refuse to buy gifts for the holidays are a movement that is growing to lessen the waste that ends up in landfills. It’s understandable if you haven’t gotten to that point yet, so do the alternative and shop sustainably and responsibly from small and independent businesses if you can. Every bit helps save the planet.

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