Significance of Barcode Technology in Food Packaging

Barcode Technology has been used for several years. It has gained wide acceptance in different applications, including food packaging. One of the significant advantages of this type of packing is speed and accuracy. The major push for implementing it in the food industry is in the retail sector. It is desired to obtain substantial benefits.


Barcode as a system has been developed which denotes a specific number to an item to identify it for efficient handling and transportation to the desired place. The main objective of using barcodes is to represent information in bars that the machine can readily accept and read.


Successful barcoding has several stages. A key objective is to conceptualize different factors into understandable forms. These factors are examined and coded; it eases the task further and increases success probability.


One of the significant pros of using the Barcode system is its speed. Information can be printed very quickly compared to manual entries, and there are significantly fewer chances of data being wrong. This also guarantees accuracy and no mistakes in transportation and delivery. In Big shopping malls, the barcode system is a clever technique used to monitor the sales of thousands of products.



  • Can usually update stock values and data information
  • Sales information of a particular interval can be easily obtained
  • Product acceptance rate can be quickly and correctly examined
  • Easy management of warehouses
  • Surveys can be done soon



  • Easy to monitor the stock
  • Checkout can be entirely digital
  • Self-service opportunity
  • No scope for overcharging or undercharging
  • Better inventory control



  • Negligible chances for human error
  • Apt pricing of products


Barcode Technology has vast importance in several industries today, including food packaging. These identification numbers quickly obtain and manipulate data related to shipping, carrying, and delivering the products.


At present, few Corporates in our nation are used to operating with barcode labels,  printers, scanners, and other essential accessories. The importance of the barcode Technology is highly appreciated by the food industry. However, it still has a long way to interfere heartily in all Indian food package products. It has been concluded that a barcode is just a different alteration for coding numbers and letters using unique combinations of bars in their width and spacing. This happens to be just another way of entering data entries into a computer.


It does not contain descriptive subjective information. Data is encoded as reference numbers that computers can only look upon to form records and manipulate other details. When the cashier scans the barcode at the time of checkout, the unique information of the product is fed to the computer, which matches it with its record in the database.


The matching item record contains additional required information like descriptive details, vendor name, price, and quantity. It further lists the time of selling the item and other information. The computer instantly looks at it, displays the price on the screen, and subtracts it. This entire process happens within seconds.

On the whole, barcodes have ID data encoded, which helps locate and sell the product.


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