Signs that your Electric Motor needs Replacement

An electric motor is an essential part of any machinery. Without it, the machine will not produce the desired results or no results at all. It is important to take care of the electric motor to ensure the smooth working of the machine. You can prolong the life of your electric motor by proper maintenance, but that does not mean it can never stop working. After years of wear and tear, you will need to replace the motor. Also, if your trips to the service center of the motor are frequent, you really need to stop and consider replacing the motor. You will have to identify the signs for when to replace your motor, or else the machinery can be damaged due to the motor.

 So to avoid the loss, you can identify the signs that are given below to know when you should replace the electric motor:

Inspect the exterior:

You will have to inspect the exterior of the motor to know if the electric motor needs replacement. The worn-out exterior clearly indicates that your motor has been stopped working as before and needs to be replaced immediately. For exterior inspection, you will have to check the mounting holes, overall paint, dust particles sucked into the windings, etc. If you notice darkened paint in the middle area, it signifies overheating, so act accordingly. A thorough inspection will help to figure out if the electric motor is in good working conditions, needs any repair, or needs to be replaced altogether. 


If any appliance or machine is not working properly, then it will produce some strange noise. Making noise is not the function of any appliance, so if you are noticing some weird sounds, there is something wrong with the machinery. The electric motors are the part on which helps the machine to work. After so many years of working, the bearing of the electric more will be worn out and then break hence producing the noise. The motor needs to be repaired or replaced according to the damage in it. 


Overheating is the cause of the damage of electric motor in most cases. Now the overheating can be caused due to different factors, be it mechanical issues, electric problems, or incorrect load ratings, but if the electric motor has been overheated, you need to get it checked. Overheating due to load is the most common reason, but if you are noticing your electric motor being frequently overheated, then you should replace it instead of going for a repair. 

Low power:

Your electric motor is supposed to produce power that can support the working of the machinery. If the electric motor is producing insufficient power, it is a clear indication that you need to replace the electric motor. But before, you have to make sure that what is wrong with the motor. For that, you need to measure the current drawn and then compare the readings with that in the motor’s catalog. 


If the electric motor of the machine is vibrating, it means the motor has stopped working, and you need to take immediate action if you want to ensure the smooth running of the machine so that your work does not come to a halt. Incorrect installation can also be a reason why your motor is vibrating when it should be working properly without oscillations or noises. Vibration in electric motors may indicate damaged rotating parts, so to be sure of what is causing the oscillations, you need to inspect the motor to come to a conclusion. And if this is not the first time your motor is acting like this or the electric motor is age-old, then you should replace the electric motor without any delay. 

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