Signs That Your Electric Motor Needs Replacement

Motors are an important part of the modern world. They are dynamic and practical tools that are extensively used in industries. They can be found installed in your air-conditioning unit, electric equipment, and other everyday home applications. They can be found in welders, generators, electric scooters and go-karts, just to mention a few things. Irrespective of what your electric motor is found in, it is imperative that you identify the signs that something is not right with the motor.

Electric motors power many commercial and residential applications. After numerous years of wear and tear, sooner or later, you need to substitute electric motors. However, it’s always better to strategize for the replacement than to be taken by shock. Knowing the signals of a failing motor gives you the benefit and can save you from spending extra cash on an unanticipated substitution. If you encounter any of the following issues don’t hesitate to reach out to a well-known electric motor repair expert for proper diagnostics and service.

  1. Overheating:

When you notice that the electric motor is very hot, this is a probable indicator of mechanical problems. Of course, overheating may also mean that you’re undergoing electrical problems or improper load ratings. Overheating can end up in fire accidents. So, ensure to get the appliance reviewed right away.

When you overload the motor above its stated capacity, this causes the electric motor and its wirings to overheat. If the overloading is done for extended periods of time, it will result in overheating.

  • Vibrations:

When you can see or sense the electric motor of a machine vibrate peculiarly, your motor may need to be changed. Unstable loads or improper installation of the electric motor may be instigating the irregular vibration. Moreover, high vibrations in electric motors may point to damaged rotating parts. This damage may lead to irregular oscillations inside the motor.

  • Worn-out exterior:

The exterior of the motor can also give some serious needs of inside damage. Check if the motor’s mounting holes are wrecked. Examine the paint all over the motor. If you find darkened paint on the central area of the electric motor, watch out. The darkened paint indicates overheating. It is recommended to reach out to an expert and get your motor checked to ensure the longevity of your motor.

  • Poor Performance:

As electric motors start troubleshooting, performance is affected. You might notice the appliance consumes more energy than normal. Using a multimeter, measure the current being consumed by the motor throughout full load operation. Then, compare the mustimeter’s reading with the electric motor’s stipulations. If the power does not match the specifications, your electric motor may perhaps need rewinding or replacement. To check what needs to be done, check the motor’s winding resistance.

If you can perceive any of the above-mentioned signs in your electric motor, don’t take the danger of letting it continue to work. Call in an expert to evaluate and analysed if you need to have the motor in your appliance or machine substituted. An efficient and reliable motor rewinding expert can proficiently fix problems related to your motor and get it running up in no time at all.

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