Signs Your Electric Motor Needs Repair Service

An electric motor is a vital piece of machinery that is used in almost every industry. From the manufacturing industry to automotive, electric motors are used for several applications. Even the HAVC system of your home and swimming pool pump needs an electric motor to run.  Because of the importance of electric motor, it is crucial to keep it running all the time. However, regular use causes wear and tear that damages the motor and may even cause premature failure. To avoid sudden motor failure, regular upkeep is important. Also, many users ignore some common signs of damage that often lead to sudden motor failure. So, by recognizing the common signs of motor malfunction, it is possible to extend the lifespan of the motor and prevent unexpected failure.

When the motor starts malfunctioning, most users find it confusing to determine whether the motor needs repair or replacement. In most cases, repairing a motor can solve the issue and it is also more economical than motor replacement. However, for efficient motor repair, it is crucial to find an experienced motor repair service. You need to find an electric motor repair professional who possesses the required skills and has undergone training in the field. Only qualified and experienced electric motor repair specialists can provide an efficient solution to your problem. But before you start finding a repair expert, here are some signs that indicate your motor needs repair service. If you notice any of the following signs, contact a local electric motor repair service before the problem gets worse.


The most common sign that often users ignore is overheating. A consistently overheated motor need to get repaired as soon as possible before it stops functioning. Overheating is typically occurs when the motor receives excessive current or if it doesn’t get sufficient airflow to cool down. If you’re using a high-quality motor, then it will have a proper ventilation system to prevent overheating. However, it is a good practice to clean the motor and schedule regular maintenance service to avoid this issue. Most motors develop problems when dust and debris get accumulated inside that result in overheating. To ensure that your motors keep operating efficiently and to prevent downtime, keep checking the motor periodically.

Too Much Vibration

A little vibration is normal for electric motors but when your motors start making excessive vibration, then it is a sign of a problem. Typically, excessive vibration means misaligned or worn-out bearings. Loose mounting bolts or failing bearings can be fixed with the repair but if you ignore this problem and keep running the motor then you may face permanent motor failure. Avoiding excessive vibrations will result in worsening the problem and even lead to bigger problems.

Odd Sounds

Similar to vibrations, the motor also starts making strange noises when something is wrong. If you have used motors, you can easily identify the difference between usual sounds and odd noises. Any unusual noise like knocking, banging, or rattling is a sign of motor damage. Besides noise, sudden motor shut-offs and reduced performance also indicate something is wrong and needs to be fixed.

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