Slashy – A Hyper-Casual Game that Should Not be Missed at Any Cost

Camel Motion Inc. has surprised everybody with this brand-new, hyper-casual game that has simply hit the market. What may well be easier than clicking a mouse to destroy something? We do not have enough time for ourselves attributable to the hard job schedule. We tend to pay the bulk of our time operating like slaves, devoting very little time to leisurely pursuits.

The team at Camel Motion Inc. prioritized all of this and came up with the best solution: a two-syllable manifestation in Slashy. The goal of the puzzle game Slashy is to burst the discs by laying slices on them. All ages can relish enjoying this stress-relieving, mind-relaxing game.

What Is Slashy?

Slashy, a game with Hyper-Casual options, includes more than three hundred levels and unbelievably easy gameplay. Slashy could be a free app you will just transfer from The App Store. It does not take up loads of space on your device. Pay attention to not be misled by the game’s name. You certainly got to Slash, however not just like the notorious Slasher from the Slasher TV Series on Netflix. Just merely slash the provided discs.

Let’s continue our exploration of Slashy – A Fun Puzzle Game and become at home with its interesting elements.

The Distinctive Themes of Slashy

Some unbelievably enticing and compelling themes are utilized in Slashy, which supplies the sport even a lot of associate surprising feel. The player has 2 themes to choose from: either he will opt to relax in nature and perform Slashy’s missions, or he will conceive to immerse himself within the pitch-dark fantastic thing about Night. These enticing themes solely serve to form the bursting of discs and a lot of hypnotic and gratifying experiences.

The Fatal Weapon, Hammer

The player often runs into circumstances once the slice does not match anywhere. In such a case, he’s able to use the Hammer to smash any of the discs. The hammers do have a limit, though. Within the game of Slashy, there are solely three hammers. The user should view a short advertisement when running out of Hammers so as to get another one. He will use it going forward to advance within the game.

The Element of Anticipation in Slashy

The player should burst the discs so as to progress through the game’s many levels. These discs keep turning up repeatedly. The “Coming Up” feature permits the player to envision the discs that are arising and build any plans. Within the center of the screen, enclosed by the provided slices, discs seem to burst. The number of discs rises as the game progresses. Within the later stages of the sport, these discs additionally begin to circle and rotate, as we’ll justify in additional depth within the next sections.

The Variation inside the range of Discs

This endorphin secreter of a game starts with 3 discs in Level one. Each odd level causes an amendment during this worth. As an example, Level three and Level four have four discs each, and so on. The most disc count is eight, which you’ll attain throughout Levels eleven and twelve. In Level thirteen, there’ll be 3 discs again, and therefore the cycle can continue indefinitely. The sport becomes a lot of participating and fun because the disc count rises.

How the Discs Operate

As I already alluded, the discs begin to revolve once we’ve successfully passed a big range of stages. Around the slice, the discs begin to spin counterclockwise. The discs revolve on their own axes in a clockwise direction additionally to the current anticlockwise motion. We tend to feel like planets are whirling within the universe attributable to all of this rotation and revolution. This encounter is extremely fantastic on its own.

The Dynamical Expertise Enhances with the Exciting Props

These are the assorted varieties of slices that are obtainable within the game. These slices are referred to as Props within the universe of Slashy and may be obtained by beating a planned range of levels. A football, an orange slice, a button, a diamond, a globe, a pizza pie slice, a clock, a vinyl record, etc. are a few samples of these attractive Props. Attributable to the Props, this puzzle is incredibly fresh among all the other puzzle games available.


To conclude, you should not increase your stress levels at workstations. Play Slashy for a brief interval of time. And if you’re stressed regarding your work or something similar, you may be able to get rid of all of that negativity by playing Slashy. In addition to that, people of all ages – be they youngsters or adults, will simply play this game and revel in it. Really, Camel Motion Inc. has created a blessing for all.


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