Smart Home Products for Your Home This New Year

Smart products allow homeowners ease and comfort in daily tasks which is why they have gained a lot of popularity. Along with ease, they are appealing, elegant, and easily fit in with the rest of your room décor. This new year you may want to make these additions to your smart home.

Nanoleaf Lighting Panels

Do you think that your home walls need to be brighter and colorful? Here is a chic wooden element that will bring out the best in your wall. The Nano leaf elements smart lighting panels are an amazing addition to bring out the best in the dull boring walls. They will enhance the design of your home and offer various lighting modes. You can also sync music. HomeKit is compatible with your Nano leaf elements smart lighting panel. Whether you want a cool ambience or a warm one your lighting panel gives you all. It is easily manageable because of its user-friendly interface and touch settings.

Smart Clock byLenovo

Alarm clocks are necessary to wake you up in the morning. However, they may not look very elegant sitting on the side of your bed. A smart alarm clock makes your life easier and looks elegant and modern with the rest of your room décor. Google assistant can be connected with your Lenovo smart clock.

With the user-friendly interface and touchscreen, it becomes easier to manage the clock. You can also manage the faces of the clock according to your mood when you wake up every morning. You also do not have to have your phone nearby, the Lenovo smart clock lets you know the time, weather, and other things. So, this helps you keep the phone away from the side of your bed and have quality sleep at night.

Video Doorbellby Arlo

Keeping your home secured is every home owner’s priority. With a video doorbell people walking towards your gate can be identified while they are at a distance before they come close to ring the bell. This will allow homeowners to recognize the visitor as a visitor or an intruder. The high quality of the camera is one of the many features of the video doorbell that distinguishes it from others.

Another benefit of the video doorbell is that keys are not required to enter or exit through the door. They have passcodes that you can only share with your close family and friends. It is also good news for people who often forget to take the keys with them when they head out. When someone enters your home you will be immediately notified an your app on your phone.

Wyze Smart Cam

The importance of security cameras for your home cannot be stressed enough. Safety is one of the major risks that a home faces and measures should be taken to avoid any security breach. This smart camera is cost-effective along with some amazing features for its users. It functions perfectly even when it is dark or rainy. So, you do not have to fret over the rain spoiling your security camera. They can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. The initial cloud storage for 14 days is also available. It may prove to be an ideal addition to your house.

The Nest thermostat

A smart thermostat is a very important essential for your home. They allow remote control so you can easily manage your thermostat via your mobile while you are away from home. The smart camera installation is easy and you can do it yourself easily. It is also important as it saves energy costs by reducing energy consumption for your home. The smart thermostat can detect when there are people in the room and then adjust temperatures accordingly. As soon as all people leave the room the smart thermostat will switch off the HVAC system. Continue Reading kitchen designs .

Smart Plugby Wyze

While smart plugs are recently been introduced in the market and have been a popular sale among customers. Like many smart devices the major advantage of a smart plug is that it can be used remotely. So, you can control the appliances in your home while you are traveling. You can connect your smart plug to your voice assistant and control your appliances with a mere voice command. It can connect with home Wi-Fi or any smart device outlet.

Schedules can also be set for the day for your smart plugs to turn off or on at certain times of day. For example, your smart plug can schedule the coffee maker to brew you a cup of coffee same time in the morning every day. They are also an amazing device if you have elderly in the home who have problems with mobility.

Smart Sleep Tracker byBeddit 3

An ideal way to keep track of your sleeping habits and quality is by using Beddit 3 smart sleep tracker. It is an amazing solution for those who need to improve their sleep. While a few sleep tracking devices require you to be placed on your wrist this smart tracker just slips under your bedsheet giving you undisturbed sleep. The sleep tracker also has a feature that records heart rate and breathing. It keeps a track of your snoring and other abnormalities so you can find a cause. Plug in the USB for easy charging.

Final Thoughts

The article mentions some smart devices that will be a good addition to your home. This new year make a resolution to make your home easier and more convenient for you to manage. Smart devices have a number of advantages. However, always do compete research regarding their features and pros and cons before buying them. You can always contact Home Repair Assistance in case there is a problem or your home needs repair and maintenance.

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