Smartphone Case: How to Choose the Right One

Thin, ultralight, wallet, transparent, glittery and trendy, there are an infinite number of types of mobile phone cases with many variations of materials, shapes and prices and the choice is never very easy to make. Follow our advice, to buy your new mobile phone cover or to make it a very welcome Christmas gift. 

The smartphone is undoubtedly the most important electronic device nowadays, which is why it is important to protect it by purchasing the right case. Among the best accessories for the phone ,in fact, the most sold are the mobile cases, with a wide and varied offer on the market that includes many different models, characterized by different design, technical characteristics and functionality. But nothing is better than using clear phone cases. This accessory has already become an indispensable item for anyone who wants to keep their smartphone for a long time.


Smartphone Cases

Although mobile phones today are made with more robust and resistant materials than a few years ago, it is always preferable to use a case to protect them from accidental bumps or drops. Obviously the purchase choice depends on the use of the cover you want to make and on the specific needs.

An ideal criterion, which is always good for everyone, is to always orient yourself on the specific covers combined with the model made by the parent company of the phone, but there are also other aspects to keep in mind. Let’s see them in detail.

 Clear Phone Case:

This model has a light look and promises to protect the cell phone when it suffers a fall, as well as avoid scratches and cracks on the screen. Its main feature is the fact that it has a transparent back. That way, if the device is colored, the cover will not hide it.

The edges of this type of cover are very resistant and have anti-impact reinforcement, especially in the front region, which is partially covered – a fact that contributes to the extra protection of the screen. In addition, on the back, a border on the side of the camera and fingerprint reader prevents the sensors from contacting the ground in the event of a fall.


Sturdy and Protective Cover

How many times a day does your mobile fall off? Do your little ones steal your smartphone to watch Me Against You on YouTube and do you see your cell phone falling to the ground on time? If you are part of this large group, then the cover model for you is the overprotective one. The best models are the rugged type, with an external shell made of hard metal and an internal part of soft material, so as to have maximum resistance to shocks and scratches.

The covers of this type are also ideal for protecting your smartphones from dust, sand or water, but some types could obviously also be heavy or bulky. Our advice is to choose these models if your mobile phone is often in dangerous situations due to bumps, scratches or falls.

Some covers in this category, on the other hand, are also very thin and light, using air cushion technology and a spider web pattern inside to increase impact resistance. Many models on the market are ideal for many types of brands and models of mobile phones and offer high protective capabilities for the covered buttons and a raised layer around the display. Many of these covers are also beautiful, with carbon fiber elements for a touch of style to the design, which never hurts.


Silicone Cover

Are you a lover of fashion style? Do you like to coordinate every detail of your look and, why not, also match the cover of your inseparable mobile phone? Then the silicone cover is your ideal choice. In this way you can protect your mobile phone and at the same time also meet your need for change. Perfect to avoid scratches and soften falls, the silicone covers also give that touch of color and personality and their low price also allows you to have many.


Book Cover

Are you a practical person who does not like to carry many things with you? Then the book cover is just for you. In fact, these covers, in addition to completely wrapping the mobile phone, give the possibility to insert documents and even money in special pockets. Obviously, however, they have their own physicality and also volume in size, but they certainly allow you to have everything at your fingertips and to protect all points of the smartphone, including the display.

Cover Bumper

If, on the other hand, you don’t like bulk and prefer small and slim volumes, then the bumper cases are yours. Made of very soft material, they offer protection to the smartphone but only in some lateral points, leaving the display, the keys and the back of the device uncovered.

Ultra-thin slim cover

The so-called slim covers are the thinnest. Made with TPU or transparent polycarbonate, they offer protection to the device only for the back, but not the screen. But the good thing is that they fit comfortably in small spaces or even narrow pockets, because they do not increase the volume of the phone.

Compared to other covers, however, these slim ones tend to yellow over time. In this case, just use a mixture of hot water and a drop or two of detergent by rubbing it on the case with an old toothbrush, leaving the cover to dry in the open air for a couple of hours.

When choosing a cover, a piece of advice we can give to increase the complete protection of the device is to always combine a front shockproof glass, if the cover does not have this level of coverage, and always evaluate how and how much you use the device. Clearly the covers are not like diamonds … “forever” and undergo natural wear, even the most rigid and robust.

The important thing is to replace the cover when deteriorated or in any case when it could not have a 100% protection yield.

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