The 7-Step Social Media Marketing Strategy for Startups

It’s just dazzling to sometimes think about how the world has been fitted into the internet and how it has created another new world in it. A world with no boundaries, a world with no borders or nationalities, where one can be known by endless people in the most unexpected and expected ways.

Social Media for Startups

To market on social media is becoming the priority for small businesses nowadays It has been proven to be the ideal marketing channel for startups due to the following reasons,

·        There are no boundaries

Social media is a free vast extended world where a person from one country can easily market a product to another.

·        It is cheaper than traditional marketing

Social media marketing offers marketing, monitoring, and management, all with a price that is low as compared to traditional BTL marketing that is money draining.

·        It is a diverse channel

Let’s say you want to open your Chinese restaurant or even a assignment help for the deserving ones. The following types of content forms can be used to make awareness for your business.

  • Picture content
  • Animated picture content
  • A long and short video
  • Blog posts
  • LIVE content
  • Podcasts
  • Stories content

·        The results are faster

The results obtained from social media marketing are fast and to the point. They require less time to be initiated, and less time in yielding results.

·        It has a flawless monitoring system

All the marketing campaigns can be managed and monitored by a built-in system of that social media. The system tracks from leads to visits and even sources of leads. Though there is third party software for more effective social media campaign management, the native system alone is capable to dazzle you with its metrics.

The 7 Social Media Marketing Strategies

1.      Setting Up Your Goal

The 1st step of any social media marketing campaign is to identify and finalize a S.M.A.R.T goal (Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-based). The goal can be related to making awareness as a new enterprise, or increasing website traffic. It can be increasing conversions and increasing application download.

2.      Choosing the Right Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Strategy

YouTube is a video sharing platform and Instagram is more about micro-aesthetics content while Facebook is for both. Selecting the right platform is an essential part of marketing strategy. The promotion of content on an irrelevant platform can result in chaos. An example of choosing the wrong social-media would be marketing your company of freelance write my assignment based on slang humor, on a highly professional platform such as LinkedIn.

3.      Identifying the Right Target Audience

It is highly necessary to invest ample time in identifying the right audience for your brand. Identifying the target people mean people who have interest similar to your product/service, making them potential buyers for your company.

4.      Doing a Competitor Analysis

Unless you’re offering something that has never been offered before, it is better to include a competitor analysis. By doing this, you can have a grasp of what others are doing so you can create distinctive content.

5.      Scheduling Social Media Postings

To avoid any scattergun postings, it’s better to organize a schedule of your social media and preparing a content calendar. Many platforms offer the facility to schedule posts while others can have content scheduling with 3rd party tools.

6.      Including a Diverse Range of Content in Your Calendar

People don’t like wearing the same color every day, even if it’s black (I love Black!) similarly, they don’t like enjoying the same type of content. Include pictures, videos, podcasts, reviews, and other types of content in your schedule.

7.      Keeping an Eye on Statistics.

Never keep an eye off from your performance, by tracking daily and weekly performances, you can keep track of your current performance and can alter them to gain an upper hand in case things go south for your social media strategy.

The Crux

A social media strategy can be a game-changer for your brand if planned and implemented with the right guidance to increase massive awareness and profits.

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