Social Media Tools that will Enhance Your Website and Market Your Business

Social media has consistently proved to be a force that enables people to share, engage and develop creative content. Social media has also become an excellent platform for business owners to market and grow their businesses. Sites such as TikTok and Snapchat that provide platforms for people to connect in creative ways have grown exponentially in the past few years. The following social media tools can be used by entrepreneurs to enhance websites and improve brand visibility.

Link Shortening Tools

Shortening of custom links helps website owners to create easy to use links on all the social media platforms that they have a presence. Shortening links enable you to develop click-worthy links. To achieve this, you can choose from available social media tools in the market, such as TinyURL, which is unrestricted, anonymous and discreet. Bitly is another notable link shortener that assists website owners in shortening their link lengths, making them easier to interact with, and optimizing their intended purpose.

 If you want your brand name to appear in every link that you share, then Rebrandly is the choice to go for. One other important tool that you could opt to use, depending on the niche of your business, is the Firebase link shortener.


You can choose to improve your website’s visibility and cognition by utilizing graphical visual enhancements. Images and enhanced text appeal more to the masses compared to plain text. Snappa is an infographic tool that enables its users to develop graphics for blogs and social media platforms. Using Snappa, you control how you want your image dimensions, text vectors and shape to appear. Visme is another social media tool that empowers you to create your presentation, infographics, video, and other digital stories.

Do you want to create interactive and dynamic presentations for your online audience? Canva will allow you to drag and drop your project into its editor, enabling you to design great logos and presentations. Google Charts is also essential for intermediate users who want to improve how data on their websites are visualized.

TrendWatching Tools

Trend-watching social media tools will come in handy in enabling you to keep appraised with new trends that are relevant to your business. This way, you will improve your brand in a timely fashion. Google Trends also gives you real-time updates on emerging trends using Google data analytics.

Market intelligence gathering tools

Besides Google Trends, you may opt to use NetbaseQuid to gather market intelligence that will enable you to protect your brand health, boost your campaign performance and improve your crisis management. NetbaseQuid boosts your campaign performance by applying the available insights to fuel top-performing campaigns and marketing strategies. Marketing intelligence gathering helps track issues in real-time, enabling business owners to understand their exposure risk before their brand is damaged.

Animation tools

Quick Meme will allow you to create those memes to brighten your client’s day. This will enable you to build a lasting rapport with your customers. To create interactive GIFs, GIPHY, Animaker and are some options available for you.

Scheduling tools

SproutSocial can be used to improve your business” visibility on social media through customer care and social management. Sprout Social also gathers competitive insights and keeps you informed through their social listening tools.

Selecting your preferred online social media tool to improve your brand will depend on your business’s underlying cost and niche. Using online social media tools such as scheduling, trend watching, animation, link shortener and infographic tools will enhance your website, improve your brand visibility and grow your company. 

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