Social Media Trends To Look For In 2021

When social media sites add new features and update their algorithms, social media patterns change as well. These rapid developments present a whole new set of challenges for companies and social media marketers, who must continually assess their current strategies and pivot to incorporate new forms of content in their arsenal. Marketers must actively track the new developments shaping the landscape of social media and change their strategies accordingly. You’re in luck if you’re hunting for the most up-to-date social media trends for 2021. We’ve compiled a list of the top trends also used by social media marketing agency in Delhi to keep an eye on in order to help you adapt and develop.

  1. Live streams will enjoy their popularity

The current use of live streaming functionality on social media is growing. Messages and live streaming on Facebook skyrocketed, particularly in COVID-19 hotspots. People have become accustomed to being able to communicate with brands live even without leaving their house, and this situation will continue to advance in 2021. As a result, live streaming would continue to gain traction and should be included in the social media marketing strategy.

  • A gain in popularity of virtual reality on social media

People are looking for even more meaningful virtual connections in the midst of stay-at-home orders hence the need for social distancing. One of the several latest technological advances which can provide them with such experiences is virtual reality (VR). When you engage with people through virtual reality, you get the feeling that you’re really there with them, even though they’re halfway around the world. This is the sort of experience that individuals need when they must socially isolate themselves. As platforms press forward with integrating this innovation, virtual reality is expected to gain more traction on social media in 2021.

  • Store in form of content

Each day, more than 500 million people use Instagram Stories. So, considering the fact that Instagram Stories were still the most popular content format the past year, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. If they haven’t already, companies will need to be more structured and prepare for Stories as a storey format in the publishing calendars. More significantly, the video will become more common as a Story format as it appears to outperform pictures.

  • Augmented reality will be the face of social media trends

Recent events, similar to those that have escalated the implementation of virtual reality, have accelerated the emergence of augmented reality (AR) experiences, as well as in the social space. AR, unlike VR, does not require any external hardware far beyond the smartphone, rendering it even more available. It’s also recognisable from interactions like dynamic picture filters, which have been around for a long time on a variety of social media channels. Augmented reality environments are by their very nature immersive and engaging. AR filters are rapidly becoming a popular way for brands to advertise new products or inspire fan engagement on social media. This engages and entertains your audience, and it can also help you acquire new customers.

  • The continued growth of social commerce

We’re seeing more applications and resources that help fast and easy shopping as that of the social media industry adapts to improve the user experience. For example, you can add product tags and facilitate greater checkout on Instagram even without leaving the site. You can create a Shop on Facebook which people can search and purchase directly from the website. When you merge social commerce with the consumer path, you get something that optimises and shortens it. When the customer sees a product they want on social media, they don’t need to go to the website to find it. They can purchase it directly from the website, which is likely to minimise the number of transactions that are abandoned.

Wrapping up

Forecasting today’s social media trends will help you create a stronger presence ahead in the future. One will know just what to look out for and how to adjust your social strategy to the latest social trends. However, choosing what to prioritise next can be challenging. To overcome this challenge you can take advice from a digital marketing company to implement these trends and be on top of your social media game.

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